Asiana Airlines customer care service
  • 1-808-300-5769
  • Asiana Town Kangseo P.O. Box 98 #47, Osae-Dong, Kangseo-Ku Seoul, Korea

Asiana Airlines Customer Service | Booking Number

How to seek assistance for Asiana Airlines reservations via customer service

In this fast-paced world, people wish to resolve all their issues in time, avoiding last-minute issues with their reservations. And this is where the customer service is required to help travelers with their queries.

While planning a trip with the airlines, most of the passengers have certain queries regarding the reservations and policies, and they have no idea whom to contact for information. So, keep such situations in mind, Asiana Airlines has introduced Asiana Airlines Customer Service where one can get solutions for all their queries. 

Contacting Asiana Airlines customer service 

To offer quick and hassle-free assistance to the passengers, Asiana Airlines has introduced 24X7 customer support via email, live chat, and phone calls. So, for the passengers who are seeking assistance for their reservations and other related policies, they can try out the contact information mentioned in this article. 

Before heading on with the contact details, let's know a bit about some of the common services offered by Asiana customer service:

  • Assistance for booking reservations online
  • Quick and easy management of the reservations
  • Details about the holiday deals and packages
  • Information regarding the various airline policies and more.

Seeking assistance over a phone call

For resolving Asiana Airlines related information, the passenger can feel free to dial Asiana Airlines Customer Service Number and get in touch with the airline representative. 

Further, the passenger can present their query and instantly get the required information to manage their reservations in time. 

Resolving related issues using email assistance

If the passenger fails to contact the airline representative over a phone call, they can drop down an email to the airline by specifying their query and seek the required help. 

Besides, for the passenger who believes in getting instant solutions for their issues can opt for live chat assistance and easily modify their booking in time. 

Hence, this was the complete information regarding Asiana Airlines Customer Service that one requires to know. So, next time whenever you encounter an issue with your reservations, contact the support and seek the required help. 

Know how to resolve issues by contacting Asiana Airlines

Nowadays, before planning a trip people book their flight tickets in advance to avoid last-minute issues. Further, to ensure that they grab the best deals for the bookings, people contact the airline directly to get complete details on the same. However, in most cases, it is found that most people have no clue how to contact the particular airlines.

Besides, for the passengers who have booked reservations with Asiana Airlines and have queries regarding the policies and other online services can easily contact the customer service. For those who are not aware, the airline has introduced Asiana Airlines Customer Service where one can seek assistance for resolving multiple queries.

Customer service of Asiana Airlines

The customer service of Asiana Airlines was introduced for the benefit of the passengers where they can contact the airline representative directly and get quick assistance to make their travel hassle-free.

Further, the customer service of Asiana Airlines is quite popular for providing its customers with the finest services. But, some of its common services include the following:

  • Assistance regarding online services and processes
  • Information about the latest deals and offers
  • Help for the easy management of the reservations
  • Details about the various airline policies
  • Providing information on last-minute deals

Besides, there are multiple other services that one can easily avail once they contact customer service. Still, for those who are wondering how to reach out to the airline representative at customer service, they can read this article for complete contact details.

Contacting Asiana Airlines

For resolving issues related to Asiana Airlines reservations, the passenger simply needs to navigate to the airline website and can easily find the Contact number for Asiana Airlines. Further, they can use that particular number to get in touch with the airline representative and resolve their issue in time. Further, the passengers can also look for alternative contact options provided on the airline website.

How to change flight with Asiana Airlines?

If you want to apply for flight change with Asiana Airlines due to any reason and looking for the information about the same then you are at the right place. Being a passenger-friendly airline, Asiana has a very simple flight re-book process. You can either dial Asiana Airlines Flight Change Phone Number or you can visit its website to apply flight change on My Trips section.

To re-book your flight on Asiana Airlines website, follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the Asiana Airlines website and go to My Trips
  • Provide flight details like booking number, arrival and departure city name, date of boarding and last name of the passenger
  • Tap Find My Trip button and a list of your booked flight will open
  • Then choose the flight you want to rebook and follow the instructions  on-screen

Asiana Airlines flight change fee

When you re-book your flight with Asiana Airlines you have to pay an additional charge known as the flight change fee that is listed below:

  • You have to pay 70 dollars as flight change fee in addition to the fair difference of actual and changed flight
  • You have to pay 10-20 dollars to the travel agent if you have booked your flight through them.

Call Asiana Airlines to re-book your flight

The best way to rebook your flight is to dial Asiana Airlines' phone number and ask them to change your reservation.

This is how you can re-book your flight in Asiana Airlines easily. You can dial the Asiana Airlines Customer Service number for more details about flight change. You can also ask them about any other query you have regarding reservation or cancellation.

Premium Economy class of Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines is a major airline of South Korea. The airline has a fleet size of 85 and serves 90 destinations. It is headquartered in the Asiana Town building in Seoul. For a few aircraft, the airline has special classes. The airline provides Economy Smartium or premium economy class on its A350 aircraft.

Features of Economy Smartium

  • Asiana Airlines premium economy class has 18 inches wide seats with a pitch of 36 inches.
  • There are a 4 inches extra legroom and an armrest.
  • There is also a power outlet and USB port attached and an 11-inch touchscreen for in-flight entertainment.
  • Passengers also get special in-flight services like delectable cuisines, priority boarding, amenity kit, satellite Wi-Fi, access to the lounge.

Who can purchase a Premium Economy?

  • Those passengers who have booked tickets for an international flight of Asiana Airlines can get it.
  • Passengers traveling on codeshare flights or those passengers who are using Cabin Baggage or Extra Seats cannot get economy Smartium.
  • Passengers traveling in a group can also purchase economy Smartium.
  • If Passengers have purchased tickets from other airlines then they can get the economy Smartium 48 hours before departure at the airport.

Ways to purchase Economy Smartium

1. Reservation center

Passengers can contact the reservation center of the airline and purchase their tickets for this class from there.

2. Ticket counter

Passengers can also visit the ticket counter at the airport and buy the tickets for the premium economy from there.

3. Online

Passengers can also visit the website and book their tickets. When they will select the flight, they will get the option to book Economy Smartium tickets.

For any doubt or issue, passengers can contact the Asiana Airlines customer service center. The executive will help you and provide assistance.

Customer services of Asiana Airlines 

  1. Asiana customer service bridges the gap between the customer and the airline.
  2. Customer helpline operates all day long to help customers at any time of emergency
  3. In case of flight cancellation because of an emergency helps passengers to be updated with the latest information about the next flight.
  4. The customer team listens to the queries of passengers and stay in touch with them until their issues do not get resolved.
  5. For requesting refunds as well, one can call up and inquire.
  6. Customer care is like a feedback chart for the airline whose dedicated services decide the review of passengers traveling with the airline.
  7. Also, there are different customer service numbers for different queries.

Hence one can avail of all these facilities of Asiana Airlines services and decide where does this airline stands in terms of customer relations. 

Find Here Some Important Information About Asiana Airlines Reservations Team:

Direct Contact Number: 1-808-300-5769 (Talk to Customer executive)
Call Time: 7 days a week: 5 am-9 pm PST
Independent Support:   1(800) 227-4262  (Talk to Customer executive)
 Average Waiting Time: 1 min
Get Online Support:
Company Website:
Useful tools & number to call: Call via web & skype

List of Asiana Airlines destinations (Asiana Airlines Flight destinations Country)

  • Australia
  • Mongolia
  • Bangladesh
  • Myanmar
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Brunei
  • New Zealand            
  • Cambodia
  • Northern Mariana Islands   
  • Canada
  • Norway
  • China
  • Palau
  • Egypt
  • Philippines
  • France
  • Portugal
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Guam
  • Singapore
  • Hungary
  • South Korea              
  • India             
  • Spain
  • Indonesia
  • Sweden
  • Italy
  • Taiwan
  • Japan
  • Thailand
  • Kazakhstan
  • Turkey
  • Malaysia
  • United Kingdom      
  • United States           
  • Vietnam
  • Uzbekistan



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