BitLocker Recovery Key

It is important to keep your hard drive encrypted. But what happens when you have lost the recovery key for your encryption software. Bit-Locker is one of the most widely used encryption software from Microsoft.

If you have lost the recovery key for your Bit Locker then things might get difficult for you in while accessing your hard drive. But there is a couple of methods through which you can get back its recovery key. Here’s how to get the BitLocker recovery key from cmd.

Back-Up Recovery Key For Your Bit-Locker: Methods

Method 1: Via Control Panel

  • In the search bar available on the taskbar, type BitLocker
  • Next click on the Manage BitLocker
  • On the right side, select Back up your recovery key
  • Now, you will see all the recovery options on the screen. Select any of them and save the recovery key to the preferred location

Method 2: Via CMD or Command Prompt

  • Press “Windows + R” keys simultaneously
  • Type CMD and hit enter
  • Type “manage-bde -protectors C: -get “ and hit enter
  • Next, you’ll find the recovery which will include 48 digits on your command screen

Method 3: Via Creating Powershell

  • Press “Windows + R” keys simultaneously and then type-in Notepad
  • Hit enters and then type the following code:

# Export the BitLocker recovery keys for all drives and display them at the Command Prompt.

$BitlockerVolumers = Get-BitLockerVolume

$BitlockerVolumers |

ForEach-Object {

$MountPoint = $_.mountpoint

$RecoveryKey = [string]($_.KeyProtector).RecoveryPassword

if ($RecoveryKey.Length -gt 5) {

Write-Output ("The drive $MountPoint has a BitLocker recovery key $RecoveryKey.")



  • Save the notepad file with the extension as ps.1
  • Scroll to the Start button and right-click on it
  • Choose Windows PowerShell (Admin)
  • Run your saved file

Hence, you’ll be able to get back your Bitlocker recovery key from CMD. Furthermore, contact Microsoft technical support.

What are the steps to reset the BitLocker recovery key?

BitLocker is a volume encryption feature that helps the users to protect computer data. If BitLocker users forget their account login PIN, they will not be able to log on to their computer. BitLocker users then need a recovery key so that they can reset the credentials of their accounts. If you are wondering how do I reset the BitLocker recovery key, then welcome here to get information about the same. The steps to get reset BitLocker recovery key are further explained below:

  • First of all, restart your PC and BitLocker login screen will open once it restarts properly
  • Then enter Esc key in BitLocker login screen to navigate recovery key ID
  • As soon as you enter Esc button recovery key ID will appear on the screen for a short while
  • Note the recovery key and if you are unable to note it down then again you have to restart your computer
  • Once you get recovery key ID to contact your administrator and provide them the same recovery key
  • Then your administrator will find the BitLocker recovery key to your device in SafeGuard management center and give it to you
  • Now you have to type that reset BitLocker recovery key in the available box and then restart your device once again
  • Afterward, on Logon screen find reset BitLocker credentials option and reset the same by following onscreen instructions

This is how you can reset the BitLocker recovery key and then create a new login PIN for your account by choosing the reset credentials option. If you face any difficulty to receive the BitLocker recovery key or unable to get it from your administrator get help from their customer support team.

BitLocker is one of the most widely used file encryption programs in the world.  It was designed by Microsoft in order to provide full encryption to your important files and folders on your laptop or pc.  One can easily use it to protect data saved in its hard drive volumes.

However, users often lose their password also known as Bitlocker recover key due to obvious reasons such as forgetting it or losing it to hackers. But they can still get back their lost Bitlocker recovery key and password with some simple steps. Hence, this article will walk you through all of them to ensure your Bitlocker recovery key.

Best Recovery Method For Bitlocker Recovery Key

Recovery Method: Using Command Prompt on Windows 10

You can launch the command prompt via using two ways. After the launch the command prompt windows, you’ll need to execute a command to recover the Bitlocker recovery key.  

  • Press the Shift key and hold it then click on the Power option and then select the restart button
  • Scroll to the Choose an option window, click on the Troubleshoot option and then select Advanced Option.
  • Click on the Command Prompt option to launch it.

Alternatively, you can press the Windows key along with the “X” key and select the Command Prompt (Admin) inside the Power User menu.

Next, follow the listed steps to recover the key.

  • Run the following command in the command window

Manage-bde -protectors G: -get

  • Now you can see the 48 digits password mentioned in the window. These digits numbers are your Bitlocker recovery key.  

Therefore, you’ll be to recover your lost Bitlocker recovery key. Also, save to different places such as USB or a notepad in your phone to get easy access from the next time.

BitLocker recovery is a process of recovering access to a BitLocker-protected drive when you are not able to unlock the drive normally. Moreover, when it comes to doing the BitLocker recovery you can do it in many ways. The followings are the ways to restore access to the drive:

You may supply the recovery password, in case, when your organization allows you to print or store the recovery passwords. Moreover, you will be required to type the 48-digit recovery password that you have been saved or printed somewhere on USB Drive. Or else, from the Microsoft Online account. Besides. saving a BitLocker recovery Key is possible only when the BitLocker is used on the computer and is not a member of a domain.

Additionally, by using the credentials to unlock the drive a recovery agent can help you in this.

Also, from AD DS recovery password can be obtained by the Domain Administrator and use it unlock the drive. It will require you to enable the recovery method in the BitLocker Group Policy setting. In addition, you may find the operating system drives at Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\BitLocker Drive Encryption\Operating System Drives in the Local Group Policy Editor.

Above all, if you need to know more about the BitLocker recovery and if the above information can't help you out. You should contact Microsoft customer service. The team has experienced and skilled technical support team they will offer you all the required information. Even you will be assisted throughout and a recovery password will be done without wasting the time.

Check out the simple procedure to find the BitLocker recovery key

For the users who are not aware, BitLocker is a feature of Windows for device encryption. And in case, if your device is prompting to provide the recovery key for the device, here in this article, you will be offered the information on how you can easily locate the recovery key. 

Further, it is suggested to the users, follow the instructions carefully to easily identify the BitLocker recovery key to easily unlock the device. Also, one can contact the support for the required assistance to resolve the device locked issue.

Ways to find the recovery key

  • Using Microsoft account: Simply sign-in to your Microsoft account using another device and get your recovery key. 
  • Using the USB flash drive: For this insert, USB drive to the locked device and follow the on-screen instructions. In case, if you used the key as a text file, the user can acquire the recovery key using another device. 
  • Seek assistance from system administrator: If your device is connected to a domain one can seek assistance from the administrator for the recovery key. 
  • Printout at the time of activating the key: One can also look for the recovery key on the printout which was taken at the time of activating the BitLocker key. 

Hence, these were the few methods that one can try out to resolve the BitLocker recovery key Lost issue. In case, if the user fails to recover the key, one can seek assistance by contacting the support and resolving the locked device issue in time. 

What should be done to recover the BitLocker key to decrypt the system Drive?

The hard drive should be encrypted but have you ever thought what will happen if you lost your recovery key for the encryption software? Well, BitLocker is one of the most popular encryption software from Microsoft.

If you are the one who has lost the recovery key for BitLocker, then you will face the difficulty while accessing the hard drive. “How do I decrypt a BitLocker drive?” is the question that arises in the minds of many. So, let us see the steps that will be helpful for this. You can take these small methods by which you can get back your recovery key.

Recovery process:

For the BitLocker recovery key, the users can take the steps that we are mentioning below. These steps can resolve the issue but you can also take the help of the customer care executives to get the issue resolved. well, let us take a look at the recovery command.

Unlocking your BitLocker drive with recovery password:

you have to manage, bde, then unlocking drive letter and then recover the password by entering the BitLocker recovery key.

If the recovery key is stored in an external drive or in a file, then you can use this command:

in this step, you can manage, bde, unlock drive letter, and enter the recovery key. Choose the path of your BitLocker recovery key file.

You might face different situations that can be handled well by the user. Let us see:

  • If the computer needs to unlock the drive from within windows: To do this, you have to connect the drive to your computer.
  • Then, open the control panel and go to the system and security. You can then do the encryption of BitLocker Drive.
Get Some Important Information About BitLocker(MS) Customer Assistance
  • BitLocker Tech Support Phone Number: 1-808-278-5330
  • BitLocker Customer Support & Care Center Number: 1 (800) 642-7676
  • BitLocker Support Phone Number Worldwide:
  • BitLocker Support Url:
  • BitLocker Contact Us Page:

Know about the customer service in Microsoft BitLocker

If you are ever locked out of your system, Bitlocker will help you in regaining access. When you are trying to access the system drive but entering the wrong details, then for authorization purposes, Butlocker will send a security key. The recovery key is a 48-digit numerical password that should be saved securely for future use. If you are facing any issue, you can contact the support team of Bitlocker.

Issues with Bitlocker

You can contact BitLocker customer service for any of the following issues or any other issue related to BitLocker:

  • Windows OS prompts for any non-existing BitLocker recovery password on the screen.

  • The recovery password of the system was not backed up and now the system is locked.

  • Avoid using tablets as they do not support the test recovery mode.

  • After firmware updates, BitLocker prompts for the recovery password.

  • BitLocker error code.

Other than this, if you are facing any other issue, even then you can contact the support team. To reach Microsoft BitLocker customer service, you can use the contact details available on the Microsoft webpage or BitLocker's official website. The technical experts will assist you with all kinds of issues and queries related to BitLocker. The services of support are available round the clock and you can reach the BitLocker support as per your suitable timings. To contact the support executives, you can either use the phone number, email address, or live chat option. You can contact them and they will assist you with all your queries. BitLocker's support team has technical experts who have the expertise and good knowledge about the common issues faced by the users. 

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