Fixes for the issue of Google Drive not playing videos 

Google Drive is a widely used application of Google which helps a user to store data, documents, images, and videos. The user uploads the content to Google Drive and then uses its link for sharing the data with other users.

Although it is well-known for its storage space and easy uploading, there are times when the user faces issue using Google Drive. In case, the user has uploaded some videos to Google Drive and it won’t play when someone is trying to watch them. Below mentioned steps will help to resolve the issue of Google drives not playing video:

  • The issue might be coming up due to an outdated version of the browser or Google Drive app. For this, the user needs to have the latest version of the browser and application of Google Drive.
  • In some cases, cache and cookies are responsible for the issue. So, it should be cleared from the drive and check if videos are now playing or not.
  • The user can try resolving the issue by disabling browser extensions from the browser which is being used to access Google drive.
  • It might be possible that the browser is faulty. So a user can try switching the browser and check whether the videos are playing in other browser or not.
  • Sometimes due to the large size of the video, it takes time to load. So, user can try refreshing the page.
  • It might be possible that the video type is not supported by the browser or Google Drive. For this, the user has to ensure that the format of uploaded videos is the same as support by Google Drive.

For help, Google drive assistance can be contacted using the contact details provided on the official website of Google.

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