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Google is without a doubt the most got to site on the planet. With the progression of time Google developed consistently through advancements, mergers and acquisitions and in this way changed from a mere search engine to multi-discipline service provider. Today, Google is all over the internet with its popular services like Gmail, google drive, google maps, google doc, google translation, hangout, AdWords, Analytics, webmaster tool etc. The best part is that you don’t need independent accounts to access each of the Google’s services, just one google account will suffice. So far google has been effectively conveying their services and it wouldn't have been workable for them without Google customer service.

Google maps is one of the most popular, powerful and user friendly service available on internet. It is available on web, android, iOS. It provides satellite images, street maps, street views, real-time traffic condition analysis and determination of shortest route based on mobility options like foot, car or train. Google maps was initially designed by two Danish men named Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen which was acquired by Google in year 2004. Google maps rely upon your GPS connectivity. Now a day’s google map has become the local guide of every internet user. It is also possible to embed the location to your webpage via API and improve the reach towards customer. Google maps is a complex service and as the complexity increases, the risk of bugs and malfunctioning of services also increases. It is not possible to develop an entire new service which is immaculate. All the bugs and errors comes into picture only when the service is brought to use. Whenever a customer faces an issue, it is reported to customer service which conveys it to technical support team and it results in overall development of service. In this respect, Google Maps Customer Service is performing amazingly.

Google Maps Customer Support Can be Easily Reached Via

  • Using google maps support or help forum
  • Requesting chat or email on google maps support page
  • Contacting G-suite support if you are an administrator
  • Using Google Maps customer service number.

How to Add Your Locations on Google Maps | Google Maps Customer Service

There are numerous ways to add your location on google maps, It may be a business place, or landmark etc.

For android device:

  • From menu, open Google maps
  • Tap the three horizontal line given at the top left corner of the screen
  • From the menu that opens up , find add missing place and tap it
  • Provide the details that are asked like name, address, category etc. and send
  • Google Maps Customer Service team will review it and release it into the system.
  • In case of any issue contact Google Maps Customer Support Number

For PC / desktop

  • Go to website . If prompted, then sign-in with your google account
  • Click three horizontal line given at the top left corner of the screen
  • From the menu, find add missing place and click it
  • Provide the necessary details that are required like name, address, category etc. and click send
  • In case of any issue contact Google Maps customer care phone number

How Do I Get Voice Directions in Google Maps : Get Help by Google Maps Customer Care

Using voice direction in Google maps can come in very handy especially while driving in the car to avoid too much involvement with mobile. Using navigations in google maps provide details like turning, traffic condition, estimated time of arrival and alternate path

For android devices:

  • From the menu find google maps and open it
  • Search for the place that you to go or just find the location and tap it on map
  • In the bottom right hand side, find directions and tap it.
  • Choose the type of mobility like driving, transit, walking and cycling
  • To start navigation, you need to tap upward arrow
  • To stop navigation you need to tap exit mentioned in the bottom right hand side.
  • Make sure that your GPS is turned on and it's working fine
  • For any issues, you may contact Google Maps customer care support team

How Do I Get Driving Directions on Google Maps : Call Google Maps Support Number To Get Help

Google maps provides variety of option for travel with real time traffic analysis so as to reduce travel time and cost

For android devices:

  • From the menu find google maps and open it
  • Make sure that your GPS is turned on. You may turn on the Wi-Fi for more accuracy and coverage
  • Google map will identify your current location
  • Under search here text box enter the place or location that you to go and select the most relevant ones
  • Now select the mode of transport i.e. driving, transit and walking
  • Google will then show you the driving direction along with traffic details and estimated time of arrival
  • You can filter more option by exploring three vertical dots on top right hand side and selecting route options. Select your preference as per your convenience and tap done
  • You can now use navigation by tapping the start (upward arrow)
  • For any issues, you may contact Google Maps technical support phone number

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