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  • Hawaiian Airlines, P.O. Box 30008, Honolulu, HI 96820
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Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service & Contact Information

Hawaiian Airlines is one of the primo air flights which was developed in Hawaii and the largest flight carriers in the  U.S state. The Hawaiian airline's customer service proves to be an inefficient state and helps to solve the issues faced by the passenger.

Hawaiian Airlines is having the largest fleet and the seating capacity is more than the usual flights. This airline gives a transient effect on the passenger by giving simple instructions to the user. The Hawaiian Air Flights is said to have an outstanding and applauded nature in which a single accident does not occur.

The oldest commercial airlines proved to be in a dynamic state. The issues related to baggage policies, boarding issues, reservations, and cancellation can be resolved by the Hawaiian airline's customer service number in a magnificent way. The botheration and the dilemma can get rectified by following the instructions that are given to the user. This provides an intellectual behavior towards the user and gives help at the topmost priority. The specialty that gives a spectacular advantage to the passenger is the easy booking of flight in an easy mode.

Some Best Facilities of Hawaiian Airlines:

  • The specialty of the Hawaiian airlines is the highly-rated as the casual air flight and this gives the best airlines that serve the people with ease by Hawaiian airlines customer support number

  • The flight is clean and neat so that the cabins of the passenger are spotless and clean. Most of the flights are dirty and not laundered and this flight gives the cleanliness ability to the flight

  • The Hawaiian airlines provide a deluxe and congenial entertainment environment for the passenger while boarding.

  • The luxury that is provided to the user at the higher end and the standard coach class is given and most important aspect is the holiday vacations  can get the best class to the journey by Hawaiian airlines phone number

  • The liability that the Hawaiian airline's customer service phone number is being provided on the official website on the Hawaiian airlines and from that the user can call the support team of experts that gives the solution to the problem in easy steps

  • The earmarked specialty that the passenger can take the services of the Hawaiian air flights is the on-time facility is available in which the departure and landing time is fixed without getting any deployment in the flight process. This is the best thing about the Hawaiian airlines

  • The most interesting part of the Hawaiian airlines is focussed on the magazines that are provided to the passenger when get boarded onto the flight so that the single passenger cannot get bored while traveling

The Hawaiian Airlines toll-free number is provided in the plane in order to get the calling purpose about the issue that is hurdling the passenger while booking the ticket and the stepwise help is provided to the user

Hawaiian Airlines will provide you instant help to reserve your flight ticket online at the correct time. If you have booked a flight ticket online but due to pandemic disease your flight is canceled or going to cancel your flight ticket, you need to read Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy COVID-19. It is said that if you have booked a flight ticket online on Hawaiian Airlines but due to COVID-19 your flight is canceled, you need to abide by the rule of the Airlines and understand the simple concept of the flight cancelation policy in good points.

Learn the vital tips to the cancellation policy on Hawaiian Airlines with ease:

  • Make sure that your flight is booked within 4 to 72 hours and then apply for the flight cancellation request.
  • If you have got the information within 14 days, you might get a full refund if you have canceled your flight after the instructions.
  • It is important to check with the date and time of the booking and then select the credit card to cancel your flight and apply for a refund.
  • A refundable flight ticket will provide you massive tips to cancel your flight ticket and get a refund at no cost.
  • A non-refundable flight ticket might be canceled when you have to cancel your flight but for the refund, if you have select the cancellation fee starts from $177 to $699 per head.

If you still want to get any further help, contact our Hawaiian Airlines customer service team is available for help at any time.

Looking for refunds for your Hawaiian Airlines canceled flight tickets? Well, the airline follows a certain set of rules for availing refunds to its passengers. For instance, your flight tickets will be non-transferable and if you make any last-minute changes then you won’t get any refunds. Moreover, if you haven’t made any changes and if your ticket is fully unused then here’s how to get a refund online on Hawaiian Airlines.

Steps To Apply For Refunds On Hawaiian Airlines

But before canceling your bookings, you can go through the Hawaiian Airlines refund policy via contacting the airline’s customer services.

  • Visit the Hawaiian Airlines official website and move to the My Trip tab.
  • Now, enter the passenger’s last name and the ticket’s Confirmation Code or E-ticket then hit the continue button.
  • Next, fetch the booking details and then see if it is an eligible to refund, if yes then follow the onscreen instructions to cancel your flight and then apply for the refunds on Hawaiian Airlines.

Therefore, you should be able to request for refunds on Hawaiian Air. For more information on the Hawaiian Airlines refund policy and other information, contact the airline’s customer services or visit its official website.

Here’s How Much Does Hawaiian Airlines Costs For Its Flight Cancellations & Change

Have you booked your flight tickets on Hawaiian Airlines and now you are considering cancelling them due to any unavoidable reason? Well, before you do so, you must know about the cancellation charges that as charged by the airlines. However, in certain situations, the airline does not charge any penalty but that is quite rare. Besides, the cancellation policy also helps you out to make your flight cancellation less troubling and issuable.

Therefore, read this article further to know about the Hawaiian Airlines flight change fees and other important guidelines before you cancel or change your reservations.

Flight Change Fee On Hawaiian Airlines

The following are the Hawaiian Airlines flight change fees depending on the routes.

  • If you are travelling to Neighbour Island then you’ll have to pay $30 as flight change fee plus fare difference.
  • If you are travelling to North America then you’ll have to pay $200 as flight change fee plus fare difference.
  • If you are travelling on Hawaiian Airlines international flight then the flight change fee will vary from $50-$300 plus fare difference.

Flight Cancellation Fee On Hawaiian Airlines

  • A fee of $200 change will be applicable for flights travelling to the U.S. mainland.
  • However, the cancellation fee can vary from $50 - $300 for international flights depending on the routes.

Furthermore, if you have any queries regarding the Hawaiian Airlines flight change fees or cancellation fee then contact the airline’s customer services and talk to the professionals.

Indeed, the services offered by Hawaiian Airlines are the finest, but some passengers have certain complaints regarding the Hawaiian services or issues that they might have encountered while traveling. So, for the passengers who are looking for information on how to file a complaint with Hawaiian Airlines, they can check out the information provided in this article. 

Things one needs to know before filing a complaint with Hawaiian Airlines 

For filing a complaint regarding the airline services, the passenger is required to send out an email to Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service on the official address provided on the airline website. Apart from that, the passenger is required to keep certain in mind that includes the following: 

  • The airline will not take any action for the complaints that seek restitution unless the passenger has sent a letter to the Consumers affair office in writing within 2 years of the event. 
  • Further, no action will be taken on part of the airlines until the passenger provides required documents or proof requested by the airline to resolve certain issues. 
  • Lastly, the airline dedicated itself to resolving the various issues within 30 business days. 

Thus, if the user still has any queries, they can contact the reservation department of the airline for assistance. 

Complete guide on how one can reach out to the airline representative at Hawaiian Airlines

Have you recently booked reservations with Hawaiian or planning to book a trip with the airline and have some queries with the airline policies and procedures? Then, you can seek assistance from the customer service of the airline. So, for those who are not aware of how to contact the airline reservation department, then one can read the information mentioned below. 

Various modes of reaching out to the Hawaiian Airlines

For offering prompt assistance, the passengers are offered with Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service, where one can seek help from the support by using the listed options. 

  • Live chat: One of the quickest ways to contact Hawaiian Airlines by using the live chat service of the airline and seeking prompt assistance. 
  • Text: Also, the airline has introduced a special text number where one can send out a text to resolve their queries and issues. 
  • Call: The airline has introduced a toll-free number for Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service where one can reach out to the support to seek prompt assistance. 
  • Email: Further, the airline has an official email id, where one can send out an email and resolve their queries. 
  • Write to the airline: Lastly, the passenger can write to the airline by using the mailing address offered on the official website. 

Where do Hawaii airlines fly to?

List of Hawaiian Airlines Destinations (Country):

  • American Samoa
  • Australia
  • China
  • Cook Islands
  • France
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Samoa
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • United States

Get Hot Deals & Booking Through Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service Center

  • The passenger can directly visit the website of the Hawaiian Airlines and can contact the Hawaiian airlines phone number

  • The passenger can book the ticket of the flight by simply calling the toll free number that is provided on the website and get the instant help from the customer team of experts

  • The passenger gets the best-rated price at the best discount and this helps the user and there is no fee-charging and on cancellation of the tickets.

Thus, the passenger can contact the Hawaiian customer service phone number, and the problem while booking the fight can be an easy task.


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