Get Simple Methods on How to Download Apps Without Using the Google Play Store

Here the list of sources where you can download your app:

  • App Brain
  • Xda-developers
  • Stackexchange
  • Android authority forums
  • Android police forums

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How to Download Apps Without Using the Google Play Store

Many people think that the Google Play Store is the only option Android users have for downloading apps, but there are actually quite a few quality alternatives out there.

Getting tired of the unknown errors that happened on Google Play Store? Wondering a better way to download apps on your Android device? You are not alone here. There’s no need to worry, because follows are methods we offer you on this trouble.

you could download applications via device browser , computer and FreshAPK. Some basic steps for you:

1) Open your Android device > choose a browser in your device. Keep your device connect with WI-FI during the process.

2) Click the search box the enter app name > you will see many searching results, choose the one you like > tap the download button after you confirmed.

3) Once the download completes, click the install button (you are suggest to check the license agreement) > your wanted app is on device.

How to Download Apps Without Using the Google Play Store

This is called sideloading and there’s several ways to do it. First off, you will need to enable “Unknown sources”. Go to Settings->Lock screen and security->unknown sources. It may be under a different setting since I use a Samsung phone but you can also just search “Unknown sources” in Settings.

Once that’s done, you can either download .apk files from websites or get them off third party app stores. I’ve only used Amazon Underground and Samsung’s Galaxy Apps but there are more. Be careful when sideloading or you can get malware.

5th Answer

You can simply upload it online (Website, Blog etc.) open the specific side with your mobile browser and download it. Or - if you have an app file already on your desktop and want it on your smartphone - put the file up on Dropbox or a comparable service, open dropbox on your phone and you can easily download it there too.

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