How Do I Get Redeem Code for Google Play? [Solved]

In fact nobody knows their redeem code

To know..

You have to buy or get a “Gift Card”.


You will have to scratch to reveal the “redeem code” . And after it is redeemed you can purchase paid apps from play store.

2nd Answer on How Do I Get Redeem Code for Google Play?

Generally in order to buy applications or any items from Google Play Store you have to pay some money through bank or debit cards or else you can use your money in your Google account.

Just like e-wallets you have to load some money in your Google account. You can load money into Google account in several ways you can use your internet banking or debit cards and one another way is to redeem scratch cards or codes which you can buy from third party applications like Freecharge, Paytm excetra.

Just like mobile recharge cards they give you some cards (digital code) which contain 16 digit code which you have to enter in your Google Play Store and get your money added to the account. This is called redeeming code.

So in order to redeem your code you have to first buy a code using some third party applications

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  •  Jason

    Please help me for a reedem code.

  •  SAM

    Plzz give me redeem code Send to my Gmail

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