How can I solve download pending in the Play Store?

1st Answers:

The answer you are looking for depends on why Google play store shows download pending…

The most popular cause I have run into when asked the same question is that a data saver feature located somewhere in your settings. This will make the phone wait to download your updates with WiFi only. So with that said if your someone that keeps the WiFi off at all times because possibly your not concerned with going over your monthly high-speed data limit well it will still use your monthly data to check for the updates. But your downloads will not start until you have it connected to WiFi if this is the case. Now depending on quantity or possibly the size of the apps your device is needing or wanting to update and you do connect to the WiFi, if your device is in constant use perhaps playing games, streaming movies, video chats (activities that require decent speed) it can pause the updates because it’s trying to be smart and doesn’t want to cause you to have a poor experience doing whatever. There is also anther setting I’ve seen that will pick the fastest connection possible. So if you do connect to WiFi and then for some reason your monthly data is faster even though it appears and says that you're connected to WiFi it really is NOT. Sorry, that was so drawn out LOL. Ok get into the settings and turn data saver or whatever it may be called on your device off if you are not concerned with a data cap and also turn off the smart select internet feature. I hope with all that you resolve your problem. Rare occasions it's the Operating system. Happy New Year. Let me know either way if the novel I wrote resolves the problem and what the cause was. Thanks again :) 

2nd Answer:

Clear your cache memory and play store data. It will work If it not restart your mobile and check if any app is updating. If it so, cancel that and after download app which you want.

  • Solution 1: Settings->storage->Internal Storage->Cached data->clear
  • Solution 2: Settings-Apps->Google Play Store->Storage->Clear Data
  • Solution 3: Simply restart your mobile and download application which you want

3rd Answer:

Actually downloading pending depends on many things such as there may be google play services is downloading bcz when google play service is upgrading it does not show any notification .and another reason is some phones like moto, sony are downloading instant apps in background it net speed is good it downloads within 15sec but if there is net speed problem then the instant apps are not downloading as well as not postponed they become pause .and a reboot can fix it.

It is my experience and I don't know any other reasons thanks

4th Answer:

As far as I know …

The main reason is when the play store is already downloading an app or an app update and you try to download another in the meantime.

Another cause may be :

This also happens when you keep your play store update settings to “ update only through WiFi “ Once you get connected to any WiFi ( during file transfer like SHAREit ) play store tries to download the update even when there is no internet connection on the other end (hotspot).

So if you do the same stated above a notification stating “Download pending” or “waiting for WiFi” comes in the notification Pannel and doesn't start downloading the same even when you turn on the phone's data connection.


Go to play store and then navigate to my app and STOP updates going on. Press update all to download all the updates the apps on a mobile network or individual apps as you wish.

5th Answer:

  1. Go to device Settings » Apps.
  2. Select the Play Store from the list of apps installed on your device.
    └ If you can’t find the Play Store on apps list. Look for an option show System or All apps installed on a device.
  3. Once on Play Store info page, Clear Cache and Clear Data. If you’re on Marshmallow or higher Android versions, select Storage, and then clear cache and data from there.

If you are still unable to download apps, “Force stop” Google Play Store. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to device Settings » Apps.
  2. Select Google Play Store from the list of apps installed on your device.
  3. Tap “Force Stop“.

Hopefully, the tips shared above helps you fix the download pending message on Play Store.

6th Answer:

Download pending occurs when there is an ongoing task which been canceled in mid,

That's why to play store forces u to download that data first Go in MY APPS&GAMES and cancel all downloading simply u will see cross mark click them

Others reason are you play store come with default settings of DOWNLOADING ONLY OVER WI-FI stop that and enable on the home network

And if it also not works then the rarest case is all other Google apps are on Waiting for Wi-Fi mode Check all apps

Hope this will work

Find Here Easiest Method on How to Fix Download Pending Error

Here are some of the best ways to fix the “ download pending “ problem in google play store.

# Method 1: Check Internet connection

First and the most important thing is to check whether the internet connection is working or not. If you are connected to a Wifi network, then make sure that network strength is strong because weak signals result in an unstable connection that is responsible for the “Download pending” error in the play store.

# Method 2: Update Google Play Store :

To do this, first of all, you need to check whether your Google Play Store app is up to date or not. So if you don’t know the exact steps to check it, then follow the below guide.

  • To do this, first of all, open the play store app on your Android device.
  • Now, click on the hamburger menu icon, located at the top left corner.
  • Here, just scroll down and find “Settings” option, simply tap on it.
  • Now go to the “About” tab, here you will spot the ” Play Store Version“, just tap on it”, to proceed further.
  • So next, If there is no update available, then you get a popup message on your screen saying ” Google play store is up to date“, but if there is an update available then it begins downloading automatically.

# Method 3: Clear Google Play Store Cache Memory and data:

  • Firstly, Go to “Settings” of your Android device.
  • Next open “Apps/Apps and Notifications” ( depending on your device).
  • Now, locate the “Play Store” under all apps
  • Tap on the “Storage“, here you will see two different buttons for clearing the cache and app data, just tap on it one by one to complete the process.
  • So, finally, reboot the device and try to download again

Note:-  This article on How do I fix download pending error with play store is only meant to provide help. 

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