How much does Google pay per download of an Android app? [Solved]

Free app won't make money per download basis.but paid app does.You will get 68% of money what you listed in the playstore.
If you sell app for 100 Rs,You will get 68 Rs.

You can make money from free app using ad mob.but it depends upon the impression and click rates.Let's say you have a news reader.people can see advertisements long time. So  you will get more impression .so You may get more money .

Here are some tips for making money from free app

*Make it Locale- Support all languages as much you can So more people will use your app.
*Support for Multiple screen- Design app for mobile and tab same time.
*Keep eye on analytics
* Integrate Google+ one option in your app. It leads to more downloads.

Another Methods to Know How much does Google pay per download of an Android app?

it depends whether its paid or free.

If its paid then it depends on the cost you set and the installs.

Otherwise you have the option of monetisation.

However monetization depends upon your apps popularity and location. In US its high and in asian countries its reltaively low.

Now that all depends on the impressions and traffic your app has. Good amount of earnings require a lot of ad impressions. So basically focus and set your target to get good number of installs. The app should be engaging means there should be more active users per day. That matters most than the number of actual installs.

Here is my app which was not even getting 2 downloads per day however, now it has picked up pace and is close to 3k downloads. Earnings have started increasing gradually.

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