How to Add My New Android App to the Google Play Store and Start Earning? [Solved]

To earn revenue, your app should:

  1. Offer in-app purchases to enhance user experience or unlock new features in the app,
  2. Display ads which will give you revenue either through views or installs (if people click on the ad and install the app shown).
  3. Be a paid game which costs money to download (it’s good to have a lite version for people to try your app first).

To add your app to the Google Play Store:

  1. Search up the Google Developer Console
  2. Create an account for a one time fee of $25 to publish an unlimited # of android games to Google Play
  3. Drag in your APK, fill in all the details (icons, screenshots, rating, etc.) and hit publish

Another way to add my new Android app to the Google Play store and start earning?

First you have to start learning android app development. You can do this by following few online tutorials, like slidenerd

Once you are done, You can start your development or you do your app development side by side.

When you think that you are done with development, You have purchase account to publish you android app.

Big Question, How to start earning?

  • Add ads in your app
  • Add in app purchase
  • Sell your app instead of selling it for free

Earning completely depends how much people like your app.

Note:- This Article on How to add my new Android app to the Google Play store and start earning is Only Meant to Provide Information.

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