How Can I Add My Photo to Google Photos? [Solved]

You cannot add your photo with an intention that it will show just like normally happens when you upload a photo.

The images chosen by google are shown as a result of their high popularity in that category. Google crawls through the web and continuously looks for the relevant content. The major help comes from the social media networks where the existing user base of that base helps them decide the best picture.

Now, if you really wanna see your photo on Google, 

  • Be sure to upload a picture anywhere on internet.(Sites like reddit, imgur, facebook, yahoo, etc)
  • Make sure that the number of views it received is significantly higher compared to other photos available for the same on the internet (Good luck with it)
  • Hope that google finally crawls you on the internet and returns you as their top result

Another way to add my photo to google photos?

No. You can't upload your image on Google directly. But your images can be seen in Google search. Its not easy and it depends on the popularity as well as availability of your images on various websites. But Google shows my images because my existence is around all over on internet. So if you upload your photos on fb, twitter and many sites there are more chances. We suggest you to create your own blog or website so Google can search your images in less time.

To add photo to Google login your Gmail account and upload photo.

Upload Photo

Note:- This article on How to add my photo to google photos is only meant to provide information.

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