How to Change My Google Play Store Country and Gmail Account on Google Play Store?

Method 1:- The best way to change country is to have a new credit card that can be used for each location. However, to successfully change your country from your Google play store account I will advice you to use Payoneer card.

Method 2:- Change Your Locations in Google Play

The settings you have to change are at Sign in with your account, go to Settings, and change "Home address" to your new address. You might also have to change your phone number, and your default "Billing and delivery address" in the second tab.

How to change my Google Play Store country and Gmail account on Google Play Store?

Well, We found out today, what seems to be FINALLY a woking solution on the issue of changing countries on the Google Play Store.

There are three (3) elements involved:

  • a) The settings of a Payments profile as described below, one per each country where you want to be able to download apps from.
  • b) The GPS or VPN detection. That is WHERE YOU ARE getting to the Play Store from. Either on THAT country physically or, using a VPN. The setting of a VPN is left to the reader as an exercise.
  • c) The opening of the Play Store app and ACTUALLY selecting FROM THE app itself, WHICH profile from the ones you have set in step “a” to work with, and thus the Play Store presents apps from THAT country.

So, here we go:

For step “a”, do the following:

  • 1- Open the web page: If you go into “SETTINGS” this page will present you with your DEFAULT Google user profile, which included a line called “Country”. If you click on the little “edit pencil” to the left of the word “Country”, it will advise you to creat a new User profile, obviously IN the new country. (Unless you have done it already, of course).
  • 2.- Click on the label that appeared: “Create new profile” and enter all required information, including of course an address in your desired new country which, of course, you already have. Hit CONTINUE, choose a new COUNTRY and enter all requested information. You should enter a Billing address AND a payment credit/debit card.
  • 3.- Once this is all done, you will have a new USER PROFILE, on the new country. It should appear on the top left of the PAYMENTS web page as a pull down menu and then you can select your DEFAULT COUNTRY PROFILE. The one the Play Store and Google Store will be “operating at”.

Now for step “b”:

  • You have to either travel to your preferred country or set up a VPN that makes you virtually travel to that country… by changing your IP to one from that place. One app that can do that is: “TunnelBear”, another is “KeepSolid VPN Unlimited”

For step “c”:

This is the new and interesting part. Open your Play Store.

Tap on the hamburger menu on the upper left and scroll down to “ACCOUNT”

Tap on ACCOUNT and scroll down to “COUNTRY AND PROFILES”, tap there.

You will be presented with a screen that shows ALL the profiles that you entered into Google from step “a”. Select the one profile of the country you are interested in.

To be honest that method didn’t work for all, but then i find this method of making a new U.S Gmail account and then open the US Play Store using the VPN, here this guy describes it quite well. 

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