How to Download a Free Book From the Google Play Store, if I Don't Have a Credit Card? [Solved]

Use Google opinion rewards app

It works I have my self tested only thing you have to do is to use a VPN which will have server in USA 
Use any 
I got this trick from a video in YouTube but that video is incomplete 
You just have to somehow  download the above mentioned app and fill all your details in that app .Most probably it will not be available in your country so below is the trick for that 

I use psiphone

Then use this app choose united states as your region 

Now make a new Google account by using computer or android do not register your mobile and show your country as USA

Now download the app Google openion


 Through Google play by using your id registered in USA if not previously associated with your phone associate it first
Using VPN and tunneling through whole phone mode choose new I'd in Google play accept the agreement now .Now go to play opinion rewards ,fill your details ,for pin code use 08205 this is the pin code of new Jersey where server is located 
 Now using VPN I.e. tunneling through VPN choose any google play book which is free exple type muscles in Google play book search you will get free book that req credit card details previously .now it will mention the 00.00 free Google wallet credits and you don't need to give credit card details 

  1. downloading google opinion rewards is must but you can download anywhere from net just a working apk
  2. Do not register your mobile number while making a new account
  3. First time download any book that needed credit card details through VPN , after that you can download books without Psiphon(VPN).

Note:- This Article on How to download a free book from the Google Play Store, if I don't have a credit card is Only Meant to Provide Information.

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