How to download an APK file from Google Play store on my laptop?

You can download, but it will not work on the PC because of its .apk format,

For this method go to Play store,

  1. Select the app that you want and highlight the web address along with the apps com.xxxxxxx name and copy it
  2. Now Google evozi apk downloader, it's usually the first site, and paste your link, it will download it.. Or
  3. Replace the in the we address with apk-dl and press enter, it will directly link you to the apps website and click download, which will download the app onto your PC.

2nd Answer on How to download an APK file from Google Play store on my laptop?

Here we have places three simple method of of Downloading APK file on PC. Now these files can also be downloaded externally on your PC but most people don’t know how to do that and it bothers them when they need it for something urgent. In this article, I am going to tell you the top 3 methods of downloading APK file on your PC. These are the simplest and easiest methods known yet to the internet users and will definitely cheer you up. Let us know begin with our guide to do that mentioned process.

How to download an APK file from Google Play store on my laptop?

If you wanna download .apk file to your pc or laptop, there are many ways you can try.

And here are two ways with Chrome tool to download APK from Google Play:

1. Online APK Downloader -- FreshAPK

FreshAPK is a security-guaranteed online APK downloader website, where you can download any APK you want.

How it works

1. Get APP name, APK URL in Google Play Store, APK name, or APK ID you want.

2. Visit FreshAPK, and enter the URL or APK name in search bar.

3. Find your APK and Download APK.

It is the most convenient way to download APK from Google Play. It has no requirement for your Google account or Android device ID.

2. Chrome and Device ID App

Tools you need,

1. Latest version chrome

2. APK Downloader Chrome Extension

3. Device ID APP (if you do not know or remember your Android device ID)

How it works

1. Get your Android device ID from Device ID APP.

2. Run APK Downloader Chrome Extension.

3. Enter your Email and Android device ID to login.

4. Find your APK you want and Download APK to you pc desktop.

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