How to Download Photos From Google Photos in Full Size? [Solved]

Select the photo(s) you want to download and then click on the downward facing arrow that will appear in the top-right corner of the screen. The web client is shown below - it is similar for Android and iOS.

This will download the largest version of the photo that is stored in Google Photos. Whether this is the full-size original or a compressed/down-sized version will depend on the options you chose when uploading the photo.

Another method to download photos from Google Photos in full size?

If you need to download your photos regularly to you computer, you may want to try Backupery for Google Photos tool. It runs by scheduler and downloads your photos to the chosen destination.

The main caveat is that you have to have uploaded the photo with the “Original Resolution” setting turned on. Otherwise Google Photo will resize the image down to 16MP.

On web app you select some photos

Then you click on the three-dot icon. Inside with be the option to “Download”

On the mobile app, you select some photos. Click on the three-dot icon. Inside there will be an option to “Restore” (which really just mean download the cloud version back to your device).

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