How to Earn by Selling a Game in Google Play Store? [Solved]


but depends!!

Well everyone knows that its easy to upload our own app on play store for which you have to visit the publishing site of playstore

Where while publishing you can decide weather to charge people for downloading your app or not

You can also put in game ads in your app to earn a lot of money but you may get a bad review from the users who are annoyed by the ads so you have to put ads in limits too much greediness is not good

You can apply rewards in game to users who want it and ready to watch an ad in return

Who knows someone might click on the ads and you will get a good ad revenue

Yeah but you have to pay some fees to upload your app. The more popularity your app gets more money you get

Another method to earn by selling a game in Google Play Store?

It is not about just selling game once you developed it, you have to

  • constantly engage with users
  • use analytics to increase specific user base
  • re-design and update based on feedback
  • re-target with ad-words
  • update your monetization strategy
  • run various campaigns on multiple channels, track those, get insight
  • use real-time analytics to fine-tune

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