How to Earn Cash by Uploading an App in the Google Play Store? [Solved]

We think a free app is always better than a paid app in most of the categories.

What category are you choosing would be the key.

If we had to rank ways to monetize an App

  1. Mobile Ads with In App purchase and a paid version to remove ads
  2. In App purchase only - (Leads to better user experience as there are no ads)
  3. Subscription based service
  4. Freemium - Where you get some features for free while others are paid. It’s similar to In app purchase with some differences.
  5. If you are a referral app, that rewards people to download other apps and engage with them. It’s pretty much advertising but people get rewarded and google doesn’t decide the ads that you show.

Another way to earn cash by uploading an app in the Google Play Store?

Here are some steps (100s of guides available about each step)

#1. Make an app

Either by

  1. Making an app from scratch
  2. Editing an open source app
  3. Buying an App’s source code.

#2. Put ads in your app, choose an ad network that you like (Admob is most famous) or by making it paid or by in-app purchases (note: you'll get only 70% of the price you sell it for)

#3. Upload your app on play store by paying one time $25 fees.

#4. Promote your app (via ASO, social networks, quora, etc.)

Note:- This Article on Answer on How to earn cash by uploading an app in the Google Play Store is Only Meant to Provide Information.

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