How to Earn Money by Deploying Android Apps to Google Play Store? [Solved]

There are several ways to earn money by developing Android apps. Google Play Store is only simply a platform to deploy your app for wider exposure. Similar to Amazon app store, Fdroid, etc.

Here are ways to earn money from app:

  • Make it a paid app.
  • In-app purchases. For instance, in games, you need to pay to unlock some goods or sections.
  • Banner ads from Google Adsense or Admob. Simply integrate the Google code into your app and you are done.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • And more.

Remember, the more people use the app, the more you will make. So make sure you give everything for free at the beginning and then monetize it.

  1. Offer in-app purchases to enhance user experience or unlock new features in the app,
  2. Display ads which will give you revenue either through views or installs (if people click on the ad and install the app shown).
  3. Paid games which cost money to download (it’s good to have a lite version for people to try your app first).

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