How to Fix Error 925 on Google Play Store? [Solved]

One of the reasons for this error could be the cache of the Play store. So the easiest solution is to clear the cache. For this go to Settings > Apps and scroll to All apps section and find the “Google Play Store” app listed there. Open the app and hit clear cache button and also force stop this app.

  1. Now try opening the Google Play store again and see if the issue is fixed.
  2. Check if the data and time on the device is correct. A lot of times Play store will not work properly if the date and time is not correct. This error even happens on Windows Phones as well. Once you fix the data and time, come back to Play store and check.
  3. If the two steps above does not work, you need to remove your Google account and add it again. Go to Settings-> Accounts and remove your Google account and add it back. Now come back to Google Play and you might be prompted to accept the licensing terms and Play store will start working. This method might be able to fix most of the errors.
  4. Try reinstalling the app or update the Play store app in case not working. For updating you might have to download the latest Play store APK file and install it by copying the file on to your device. Cross check if Google services framework is also the latest on your device.
  5. If none of the methods work for you, the last method would be to reset your device. Before you do the reset make sure you take a backup of all the personal files and data.

Another way to fix error 925 on Google Play Store?

Clear Reserve and Clear Information in Google Play Store: 
The issue is for the most part with the Reserve and put away Information so clearing the Store or Information can for the most part take care of the issue for clearing the reserve and Information of Google Play Store you need to take after the strides specified beneath: 

  • Go to Settings - > Tap on Application Supervisor or Applications - > Open "All" applications 
  • You will be having a Rundown of Applications on the right side from that discover Google Play store Application 
  • You ought to tap on the Unmistakable Reserve catch and Clear Information catch as indicated in the picture underneath.
  • Clear Reserve and Information for Google Administration Structure: 
  • Take after the same strides as found in the above instructional exercise and in the third stride as opposed to opening Google Play Store Application you need to hunt down Google Administration Structure and afterward take after the strides specified underneath 
  • In the wake of setting off to the rundown of applications discover Google Administration System 
  • At that point in the Case on the privilege of Screen tap on both Clear Information and Clear Reserve catches  

In many gadgets of Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorolla, Micromax and so on the blunder 495 will be explained yet in the event that the mistake still shows up you need to attempt this last intense step which will clearly settle the issue. 
RESET Application Inclinations: 
This trap has worked by clients and here is the way you need to Reset Application inclinations in your Android gadget to alter lapse 495. 

  1. Go to Settings and after that tap on Applications  
  2. Presently you can see the rundown of Applications which are available in your gadget 
  3. Press the Menu key on your android gadget 
  4. This will carry a pop up box with the Reset Application Inclinations alternative which ought to be chosen 
  5. At that point you need to again tap on Reset Applications alternative

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