How to Fix Error When Google Play Store 'insufficient Memory Error' Keep Happening? [Solved]

We are not quite sure, but this is our thesis. You see, applications are of many kinds available in play store. Some apps will automatically install to external, or inbuilt storage, given that this option is active. But some apps, won't. Why in the sense is, because once its downloaded, it'll need to unpack the contents and install, and also allocate cached data and other essential data. Mostly the complete final installed app size will be larger than that which is needed to download it. Downloadable capability is based, and confrimed to ensure that the system won't crash and malfunction after installation due to lack of space in the system storage. We suppose this is the cause. Correct us if we are wrong.

Another Way to Fix Error When Google Play Store 'insufficient memory error' keep happening?

How do you know you have lots of space? Is the space on an external SD card?  By default, Android only installs apps on the internal memory, not on external SD cards.  You can move an app to an SD card after installation (freeing internal memory space), but if you do not have the space on the device in the first place (not counting the SD card), you will have to move to SD card or completely remove apps, songs, movies, or something on internal memory before your app will install.

Applications are of two types, one that can be installed in both internal storage as well as external storage (external SD card is a diff. thing.) and other is only in internal storage. When there is only about 200 mb internal space left and you try to install app that can be only installed in internal then you get this error message. But this is not necessary because application's data/cache/dalvik-cache is stored in internal storage as well.

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