How to Fix Google Play Store Error Rh-01?[Solved]

Here you got “Server error” for Google Play Store, even though internet was working on mobile.

Tried all the below but it did not work probably because the mobile was rooted & some discrepancy/incompatibility between Google Play store apk version & Google Play services apk version.

  1. Settings -> Apps -> All -> Google Play Store -> Clear Data.
  2. Settings > Apps > All > Google Play services -> Clear Data.
  3. Settings -> Account : Removed Google Account & Added it again.

After some research, finally you tried downloading Google Play store apk version & Google Play services apk version from apkmirror for which you was concerned initially for this, but found it to be perfect.

Note that we got the latest Google Play Store version 7.6.08 apk.

Then it was time to choose Google Play services apk as there are many variants for it (based on android version/architecure/dpi).

 Mobile device was on Android 4.2.2 & had 228 ppi (you can check these specs for your mobile on phonearena or gsmarena) Note that Google refers to ppi as dpi.

Google Play services latest version was 10.5.48 beta. For Android 4.0+ arm architecture there were two variants 160 dpi & 320 dpi. We should choose the closest higher version if available. Since 10.5.42 beta has 240 dpi variant, I chose that instead of 320 dpi of 10.5.48 beta.

Enable installing from unknown sources in settings & then install these two apks. (If internet not working on your mobile then you can also transfer it from PC to mobile over USB).

That’s it. It worked like a charm.

After installation, you can disable install from unknown sources option for safety reasons.

Another Methods to fix Google play store error rh-01?

Actually its very simple than it looks.

This may happen due to several reasons but answer lies in your App Setting.

Go to Settings → Applications → Manage Applications

Search for "Google Play Store" and press it to open

  1. Press "Clear cache"
  2. Press "Force stop"
  3. Return to Manage Applications
  4. Press "Google Services Framework"
  5. Press "Clear Data"
  6. Press "Force Stop"
  7. Start "Google Play Store" and it should give an error
  8. Reboot. Once your device has restarted Google Play Store should work. Wait a minute or too if it doesn't

Note:- This Article on How to fix Google play store error rh-01 is Only Meant to Provide Information.

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