How to Get a Free Google Play Store Developer Account? [Solved]

Not only credit card. They accept debit cards too. If you have any friends or relatives those who have debit cards(ATM cards), you can ask them. No need to fear that they will renew automatically again from a debit card. So they can give without fear.

Or You can contact me for this if u cant find anyone.

How to get a free Google play store developer account?

Sorry to agree with the other that there is no workaround, but you can post your apps for free on the other stores like Opera Store, Amazon app store etc. Here is the full list

Tired of Google Play? Check out these alternative Android app stores

You can earn money from them and then get a Developer Account :

If you are asking about hacks or tricks. I really doubt if you can get a free developer account. It's Google. They will surely have high security in such stuff. Especially in payments.

And parents, well, yeah, some parents don't understand their children's talent and simply want them to study only whatever is taught in school or college and think anything else is waste of time and money. Even my parents are kinda like this.

Anyways, it's great that at this age, you are so interested in making apps, that too games. And cool that you have even tested it among your friends. I do the same. And woah, freelancer stuff and 70$, you are the man!

Just ask help from any one of your friends and pay them 25$ from your 70$. What say? You are gonna pay them and they will pay for you using credit card. Give them your google account details to do the transaction, and you could even talk to the friend's parents, explaining your situation.

Or try talking to your Uncle or some close relative and get help!

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