How to Get High Rank for Your Applications and Games on Google Play Store? [Solved]

Short answer:
1. get a lot of downloads
2. get users to keep your app on their device
3. get users to return to use your app
4. get users to favorably rate and review you app
5. get backlinks to your app page

More details:
1. The number of downloads is important. It doesn't matter where these downloads come from (incentivized, app install ads, PR, ASO). Of course it is much more cost effective to use tactics like ASO and PR to boost you downloads.
Keep in mind that both the total overall number of downloads is important, as well as the number of recent downloads.

2. Google Play knows when someone uninstalls your app, and takes it as a small, but negative sign. The more your app is pretty, useful and bug-free - the more people are likely will keep it on their device.

3. A high user engagement is a good way to get a higher rank. Make sure you give users reasons to come back and use your app. Also, incentivize and remind them to do so via push notifications and such.

4. Good reviews and ratings is a very important thing. If someone gives you a bad review make sure you address the issue. Also, prompt your users to rat and rank your app. There are several tactics to do this well.

5. Backlinks to your app page are often an underrated tactic to improve Google Play app rank. The mechanism for this is very much like the one for web traffic, and the best practices here are taken directly from the world of SEO.

Another Way to Get High Rank for Your Applications and Games on Google Play Store? 

Here are the most important steps you should do in App Store Optimization:

★★ Do Keyword Research
The best way to start your app store optimization process is to reflect on your app and what you want to offer your users. I would recommend just start brainstorming and building a list with words, that you think could describe your app.

★★ Keep an eye on your Competitors
With about 3.1 million apps available in major app stores, you might have persistent competition – so better get to know them. If there is an app, that works very well, browse through app description, screenshots, rankings and especially look at the reviews. Ask yourself: What do users like on my competitor and what not? What could I do better?

★★ Know your Customers
Although, everyone first thinks about ranking algorithms when hearing about ASO, you have to keep in mind that optimization still is about users! Keep in mind, that your app page should still be attractive for (potential) customers in order to download and use your app. (Tip for free: writing original update-texts is a good place, besides comment section, to interact with your customers – add call to actions)

★★ Optimize your app page
Your app page is the flagship of your app. Besides classical keyword optimization you should not forget about asset optimization. This includes optimizing your screenshots, graphics and icon as these are crucial factors for users to download or not to download your app.

★★ Monitor your results
As already mentioned, ASO is an iterative process. This means you should repeatedly check whether your actions cause positive development or not. Especially, you should always have an eye on your keyword rankings. 

Note:- This Article on How to Get High Rank for Your Applications and Games on Google Play Store is Only Meant to Provide Information.

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