How to Get People to Notice My App on the App Store and Google Play Store? [Solved]

How do you get your app noticed? You can increase visibility by focusing your app promotion on a consumer experience designed for downloads, using mobile app install campaigns, for example companies like MoPeak and KeenMobi. This way, your brand is able to reach broader audiences while looking for an app similar to yours. In addition to search, extending your campaign across ad formats that drive app installations, including display and video, can help people discover your apps anywhere.

Another ways to get people to notice my app on the App Store and Google Play Store?

We can advice you some general rules how to make notice your Android app. It would be better to see which app you want to promote indeed, but here good steps to-do for you in any case.

1: Email Marketing Content. When it comes to email marketing, you need to ensure you have interesting content which is of benefit to the recipient e.g. how to videos, screenshots, blog articles, user reviews etc. Overall, really think about your text, image and video format and make sure it’s relevant and will deliver value. Your audience will likely open the email on mobile, so ensure it’s a mobile-friendly template you’re using.

2: AdWords Content. When it comes to AdWords, you need to think about the content of your display ads and the content of your landing pages. Landing pages should have a clear call to action to download the app with some supporting content such as user reviews, screenshots and videos. By using Adwords, you can test various campaign content easily and can help you become really great at analysing data for mobile user acquisition and engagement. So make sure you take time to analyse your campaigns and use data-driven insights to decide on future ad content. Do not fall into the trap of easily wasting money without seeing what’s actually working!

3: incentive traffic. Incentive traffic is a great way to give your app a nice boost on the market. It’s usually done through a companies like CPIMobi or WhiteMobi. The everage price for 1 install is $0.09. Bigger download numbers should improve the app ranking in the search results and attract more users, which in the end should increase the ranking position even further, and so on.

4: Social Media Content. Once you have your content marketing plan sorted, your social media marketing plan will come together easily as you use all channels to distribute your content and build a good level of social media engagement. Of course, the great thing about having a ready made content plan is that you will be able to pre-schedule many of your social media updates using tools such as Hootsuite. Don’t forget, when you do distribute your content via social media, write your posts to encourage your users to share content themselves. Remember to interact with these users and make sure it’s spontaneous and adds some character from your app brand.

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