How to Get Unlimited Storage in Google Photos? [Solved]

Upload photos and videos in High Quality mode. These will not count towards storage use. Have over 100,000 photos and videos of the kids and using zero storage. In the even that Original mode is used, these will count towards storage use. However, you can reclaim the space by allowing Google Photos to convert these to High Quality. Take time to create album and organize. This will make it easier to locate that precious/ cute photo. Works well :-)

Every Google Photos account get unlimited storage if the photos are uploaded at “High Quality” (16 Mega Pixel). All photos uploaded to Google are stored securely within your Google Account on Google’s servers. Google owns data centers around the world and in them are many servers which have a vast amount of hard drives that are used to store the data.

You can get unlimited storage in google photos through simple steps

Actually, if you buy a pixel device, Google offers you unlimited store for photos and videos at orginal quality. But, you can get it on your Android too.

You just have to make your device think that your are using a pixel device.

Google gives you unlimited storage for pictures, but in exchange Google reduces the filesize and thus the quality of the images.

On my photo app in settings/ backup and sync. It lets me toggle between original (full quality) and high quality (the reduced quality) uploads for pictures,

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