How to Get Your App Listed Higher on Google Play Store? [Solved]

ASO (App Store Optimization) is the term for promoting your app on Google Play.

You need to focus on the below:

  1. Title - have your keyword in this place to get maximum intent transparency to the store. Try to keep this unique as compared to other apps on the store
  2. Short description: This is short format of description available up-front and should have keyword used in title and your business slogan to give clear intent to google play store and user as well
  3. Long description - this is detailed area to target all the content, feature you serve from your app, use multiple keywords which matches to your app.
  4. Downloads volume, Ratings & Reviews - You need to work on this thoroughly, get good downloads and try getting good ratings and reviews volume and higher ratings. There is lot of research done that Google take this into account very seriously, how many downloads, what they have rated and how many have rated. Also, there is some study that Google Play understands that you might be deceiving the store by showing downloads but they are not using your app, your user have rated you high but not consuming data and services through app, uninstall rate is high.....think like this, you will win the show slowly.

Another way to get your app listed higher on Google Play Store?

People have become smarter(Thanks to smartphones) and so has the google. Thousands of apps are uploaded and millions of apps are downloaded everyday. Do you think getting in top 100 is a piece of cake? Think Again! But I'll certainly point out the things that could be taken into account while  waiting for your app to hit top 100.
While ranking apps on play store, Google takes into consideration the following :

1. Downloads: Not only the total number but the momentum too. 50,000 downloads in a month is better than 500000 downloads in 2 years.

2. App Standard: The app must be bug free and must be up and running.

3. Uninstalls: Google keeps track of uninstalls too.

4. Ratings: Well well well, you nailed it right there.

5. Comments: QA team also go through the comments, and negative comments might make the QA teams to flag your app.

6. Country: You might find OLA in top 100 in India but you won't be able to see it in countries where it does not have any business.

7. Metadata : Keyword density and relevant metadata also play their part.

8. Social Backing: Getting +1s / Likes /Shares will make your job a bit easier.

9. Number of Backlinks: Google is fascinated with backlinks. More number of backlinks simply mean that the product is credible and apt.

Keep these points in mind while going live on Google Play/ Play store.

Note:- This Article on How to get your app listed higher on Google Play Store is Only Meant to Provide Information.

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