How to Google Charge for Hosting an Free/paid App in the Play Store? [Solved]

Hosting of both Free and Paid apps are free but the money you make from Google Play, they'll take 30% share.

That means they won't charge you for putting your apps in Google Play but if you earn something they'll take 30% as Transaction Fee.
Quoting Google: For applications and in-app products that you sell on Google Play, the transaction fee is equivalent to 30% of the price. You receive 70% of the payment. The remaining 30% goes to the distribution partner and operating fees.

Lets say your app is of 10$ and 100 people purchase your app, so 10$*100=1000$

So instead of getting 1000$ you only get 700$ i.e. 70% of your earnings.

Another way to Google charge for hosting an free/paid app in the Play Store?

First of all Google doesn't charge differently for hosting a paid and free app.

you just have to buy a google play console channel which is fixed 25 USD…

after that you can upload multiple apps under same channel(i.e. Company/developer name)

now if your app is a paid app 30% of ur earings ll be taken by google and remaining is urs..

if ur app is free but you r earning via other means like in-app purchases of new features or points etc. then also the 70–30 partnership between u and google remains the same…

if you have added Google Ads using Adsense then the calculation is automatically handled by google and the earnings ll be added to ur account regularly…

play store is actually a good source of earning for developers wuth just a one time investment of 25 USD…

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