How to Google Make Money From Google Photos? [Solved]

"If you are not paying for the product then you are the product"

Providing a free service in many cases equals mass adoption. But what does Google get from this? Lots and lots of data. And therein comes the potential dark side of Google's data usage, where the company pays its debts by leveraging its biggest asset: You.

Google is an advertising company so that’s how most of their revenue comes. In order to be the best they have to know everything about you so that they can show the relevant ads to you. They sell custom ads against your data for ex ads of jeans, shoes etc. because Google knows from search or web history that you looked at some yesterday, or from Gmail that you purchased jeans at the store last Sunday. The company uses this data to sell to advertisers, and advertisers in turn get a much closer look at you, your spending habits, and your daily activities.

Google can also scan your image's metadata: the location and other information your camera builds into the underlying code of your digital image. In this way it can recommend you to nearby stores based on your preferences.

When you agree to Google terms of service it gets licensed to host, store, reproduce, modify, publish, publicly perform, display and distribute these photos so basically they can do anything they want to. In this way they make money.

google photos uses freemium model. this is common model used by game companies such as suparcell

For example 90% of user uses google photos free but 10% are premium users pay fOr added feature.

These users pay so much that they cover for giving basic service away for free to most people.

The dark side of free

google uses your data to expand and improve its services.

The millions of people who sign up for free have to agree to terms and conditions that give company permission to access any data that you put online.

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