How to Google Photos Recognize the Names and Faces of My Family Members Without Any Input From Me? [Solved]

Somebody may have face-tagged the photos in Google Photos.  Or maybe you did, depending on how you uploaded them.  For example, Picasa will confidently face-tag photos with a good match, and those tags are uploaded with the photos.

Also, the users may have turned on Find my Face in photos & videos.

Google image recognition algorithm goes far beyond the Google Photos service. It uses what it has learned through the years in the Google Image Search, and in your case, probably in the face recognition and name association in Google+, Picasa and your relatives personal Google accounts. 

This is part of the future of Google. In the coming years, you may be able to search for a name in Google, and it will find all the photos on the internet from this person. Or even better, you may take a picture of a person in the street, and Google will tell you his or her name.

Another way to Google Photos recognize the names and faces of my family members without any input from me?

Google has an algorithm that can view photos and discover information about them based on their looks, when they were shared, where they were taken, what was said about them when they were shared etc.

The algorithm is accurate enough to recognize your kids from the day they were born.  Tap the search button and then tap on a child.  Scroll back in time to see pictures of them as a baby if you have them.

The algorithm is a big step forward in google achieving it's stated purpose: 

  • To organize the worlds information and make it accessible.

Evident in how easily accessible those photos were that you were looking for

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