How to Google Play Store Determine Similar Apps? [Solved]

It seems to be based on the Category of the app, the Name of the app, and various other metrics. Just like SEO, this is impossible to know exactly. The only thing to do is examine the "Similar Apps" listing of several different apps to look for various patterns. That's what I did here.

- An app is only considered a "Similar App" if it has the same Category. This is true for both App categories and Game genre categories.
- The apps with similar keywords in the name will be ranked first.
- The popularity and trustworthiness of both the app and developer are taken into account. More popular, higher rated, and Editor's Choice apps are listed higher. Top Developers tend to lead to apps by other Top Developers.
- Apps with the same target country/language or similar developer address are considered higher.
- The pricing or business model has a small effect if many things are similar. Paid apps rank higher paid apps, free apps rank higher free apps, free IAP apps rank higher free IAP apps.

To find these patterns, I searched up these apps and looked at their Similar apps. You'll see that the Category and Name of the app are usually the most important: 

  • Candy Crush Saga by King. Casual game. Similar Apps only show other casual games, but listed first are "Candy Crush Soda Saga" and "Farm Heroes Saga" because of the word "Saga" in the name.
  • Clash of Clans by Supercell. Strategy game.  Similar Apps only show other strategy games. Listed first are "Clash of Lords", "Clash of Kings", both of which are from different developers. Only after these do they show "Boom Beach", a game from Supercell that is more popular than the first two but doesn't have the word "Clash" in the name.
  • Line. Casual game. Similar Apps only show other casual games. Listed first are almost entirely games with "Line" in the name.
  • The Guardian. News & Magazines app. Similar Apps only show other News & Magazines apps. No other popular news app has "Guardian" in it, so next is "BBC" news since they are both based in London.
  • Indefinite: Interrogation Game (disclosure: made by me). Simulation game. Free with IAP. Similar Apps only show other simulation games. Listed first are games with "Something something Game" in the title, but the free IAP game comes first despite being slightly less popular.

You can try to find more patterns viewing these apps and a bunch more and looking at what's listed in their Similar Apps.

Another way to Google Play Store determine similar apps?

Things google considers while determining similar apps :

  1. Category of apps
  2. Download numbers
  3. Keywords in the title and description
  4. Developer
  5. Size of the apk
  6. Conversion rates (view to download)
  7. Uninstall rates (% uninstalls after initial download)

There are more, feel free to ask.

Note:- This Article on How to Google Play Store determine similar apps is Only Meant to Provide Information.

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