How to Google Voice Allow You to Port Your Number to Their Service? [Solved]

We have been whining about this for a long time.  Some have speculated, probably rightfully so, that there are regulatory issues because Google is straddling a line between being a teleco and not being one.  If they want to maintain the "we're not a teleco" line, number porting could be problematic.  By not being one, they don't have to provide full coverage (to extreme rural areas, etc.).  We recall reading that AT&T was bitching to the FCC that Google Voice needs to provide full coverage because it is a teleco. 

Another simple method to Google Voice allow you to port your number to their service?

As far as we recall Grand Central (prototype of Google Voice) offered number portability before acquisition by Google but experience was mixed.

It look like Google removed the feature until it has more important ones working properly in unattended mode. As far as we understand porting number requires paperwork, thus humans to process it. Humans don't scale ;) thus we'd need to wait until Google creates mechanism that won't require humans (at Google' side) and will work with little to no operational issues.

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