How to Increase My Mobile App's Ranking to the Top of the Google Play Store?[Solved]

To answer your question, based on my experience the best way to increase mobile apps ranking to the top of the Google Play Store is to also increase your ASO (App Store Optimization) knowledge or skills. It is a way of ensuring your app meets app store ranking criteria and rises to the top of search results page. And it would be :

  • Choose the right app name. Come up with a unique name for your app would make it worth it. The user will fall for it.
  • Stand out with unique icon. Your visual icon is the first impression they’ll have of yours. It’s important to make it count!
  • Create a compelling description. Make the user decision easy by immediately communicating what your app does and why they should use it through the description.
  • Include screenshots and videos. It may not have a direct effect on the rankings, but they do drive downloads.
  • Update frequently. User are looking for apps that are constantly improving, with regular updates based on customer feedback.

Last but not least, Get real reviews for your android and iOS apps that are genuine, high quality, keyword focused and from users all around the world from company that provide this kind of service. It would be a big help.

Another method to increase my mobile app's ranking to the top of the Google Play store?

There are many ways to boost your app. We try to explain the successful techniques to promote an app in Google Play.

You need to optimize your app for your targeted keywords.

  • App Store Title: It can be simple, easy to tell and related with your app business.
  • App Icon Name: You are limited with 12 characters. Try to be creative as much as possible.
  • App Store Description: It is a zone that you talk about your app, its features and benefits, functionalities and anything else. Make your best!
  • Choose the right category
  • Keywords: You have a chance to add dedicated keywords. Think about the possible search terms of users. Avoid using the plural and singular version of the same keyword, “app” keyword, competitors’ app names, celebrity names, irrelevant keywords and avoid duplicating keywords.
  • App Icon: Try to be simple. You can look at the top apps’ icons. It should reflect your brand, be outstanding among other apps on users’ phone.
  • Screenshots: It should show its use and features. High quality images with great looking raise the user experience.
  • Encourage People To Make Comments & Reviews

Submit Your App To Directories & Review Sites

This option makes easy being found and raise downloads and ratings. Trusted Reviews, AppBrain and Mobile Startup Z are one of them among review sites. To increase the number, you can make a simple Google search as “android app directories”, “android app review sites”.

Reach Out Bloggers & Press

You should have a story, right? Share it with public through using PR and bloggers. So, you can arouse the curiosity. Without giving the key parts, just tell how you decide to develop this app and your expectations.

  • Create a Press Kit: Add all information about your app from company info to icon images for journalists.
  • Make Contact Personally: Send email to ask for writing about your app.
  • Offer An Interview: Journalists like the information that noone has. So, you can present an offer the popular journalists to make an exclusive interview about you and your app.
  • Online Communities: In the online communities such as Quora and Medium, you can mention about yourself and create a community.
  • Just ask bloggers for reviewing your app

Create Free & Paid Version

You can add a free version of your app or add several coupon codes or promotions to attract more downloads. Or you can offer in-app purchases.

Social Channels

It is important to be active on social media. Firstly, you should analyze which platform(s) your target customers are using actively. Then, go through each of them. Create different kind of banners to promote your app, share any development or news about your app and sector. I mean encourage people to download your app.

Advertise Your App

Promoting an iPhone/iPad app through advertising is a great way to reach a large number of people and acquire a good user base.

There are many ad platforms to fuel your app and raise app downloads. One of them I can suggest is App Samurai. It is a self-service mobile advertising platform that creates, manages and measures mobile ad campaigns by using a genius artificial intelligence and machine learning.

It uses CPI system which is the most efficient and cost-effective bidding system for mobile apps since it doesn’t make any other expenses than installs.

Also, it is so easy to use, you’ll only manage with one single dashboard and track all the important metrics and the information flows from there.

To create a campaign, you simply need to:

  • Sign Up to the platform(free). Then verify your account.
  • Add Your App’s Market URL
  • Choose Add Type: App Samurai offers three types of ad which are acquisition campaign, video campaign and boost campaign, Click the ad type you want.
  • Allocate Your Budget: You can determine the daily budget or the total budget. we mean you have overall control over total spendings. Your budget is spent between a start and an ending date you set.
  • Integrate with Tracking Tools: App Samurai offers an integration with functional and commonly used app tracking tools to accelerate and sustain growth in the app market.
  • Launch Campaign: Start driving growth with App Samurai. After that, you can monitor the ad performance by exporting daily, weekly, monthly reports that show in-app events and app store metrics so that optimize your ads by finding the most profitable customers and channels at the lowest costs.

Note:- This Article on How to increase my mobile app's ranking to the top of the Google Play store is Only Meant to Provide Information.

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