How to Keep Photos on My Phone After Deleting Them From Google Photo? [Solved]

When you delete a photo from the Google Photos app, it removes it from everywhere it's synced:

Photos and videos you delete are also removed from:

source: Delete photos and videos

Local copies of your photos are located in the iOS, and you grant permission for Google Photos to destroy the local copy as well each time you press delete.

To put a copy of the photo or video back in the iPhone or iPad Photos app, go to your iPhone or iPad's Photos app's Recently Deleted album to restore local copies.

Another method to keep photos on my phone after deleting them from Google Photo?


If you have uploaded the photos from your phone's camera then those photos are already stored on you root/DCIM Folder.

You can go to root/DCIM folder and copy photos youvwant to retain to another location(say ABC folder) and then delete them from Google photos. The photos will not be deleted from your new location(ABC folder)


If you haven't uploaded the photos from your phone's camera, then you have to manually save photos to your phone by tapping ‘save to device’ option in Google photos, the photos will be saved in root/device folder.

Then follow the steps mentioned in case 1

You can delete the photos now from Google photos

But make sure when you copy photo to a folder, new folder should be outside of DCIM folder.

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