How to Know Source of Traffic to My Android App Page on Google Play Store? [Solved]

That's fairly Easy!

Install Google Analytics sdk into your android project and you can take a deep dive into analytics including sources that referred to your app: ad, website, social network, or another app, you name it.
You can use Campaign management feature of Analytics in order to achieve these stats.

Campaign Tracking - Android SDK

Google Play Store Campaign Measurement relies on the use of Campaign Parameters to pass campaign and traffic source information into your app at the time that it is downloaded from the Google Play Store.
The following is an end-to-end description of how Google Play Store Campaign Measurement works:

  1. A user clicks on a link, from an ad, website, or app, that takes them to your app's Google Play Store page. The link is tagged with Campaign Parameters.
  2. After the user downloads and installs your app, the Google Play Store will broadcast an INSTALL_REFERRER intent on the device that includes those same campaign parameters.
  3. Your app will then respond to that intent, using the BroadcastReceiver object provided below, reading the campaign parameters and using them to update the Google Analytics campaign information.

Methods to know source of traffic to my Android app page on Google Play Store?

What you are essentially talking about is attribution, which is highly important for any app. Google Analytics is certainly one option, but there are many that can help you assess your traffic.

We have the privilege of working with thousands app owners here at Appsee Mobile App Analytics and have heard plenty of good things about AppsFlyer, Kochava, and Tune.

But if you are surveying the Marketing App Attribution category, you may want to take a look and see what all your leading options are. Here's some info on each to get you started:

  • Tune - Among other things, they have efficient, real-time tracking and reporting, smooth 3rd party ad management, and orderly, coherent data organization.
  • Kochava - Has the most ad integrations and utilizes a unique device fingerprinting systems that is then paired with algorithms to accurately attribute users.
  • Appsflyer - Positioned as a sort of “one-stop-shop” with integrations with other analytics companies such as Game Analytics and Swrve, they are a leader in the category.

You can read more about each of them, as well as leaders in other SDK categories, by downloading The Ultimate SDK Guide for App Optimizationfor FREE.

Good luck finding the right tool for attribution and anything else you need!

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