How to Make Thousands of Downloads for My Android Apps on the Google Play Store? [Solved]

To get thousand download for your app few things you must follow

  1. ASO to get the ranking for your app you must use the proper keywords in your app .
  2. Marketing of the app for this you can post on Facebook , quora and different sites .
  3. Make review exchange so you can get better rating for your app.
  4. I my self published an an in the first week it crossed 700+ downloads and its increasing now .
  5. contact review sites to review your app.
  6. google+ community you can share your app also.

Make sure you have done proper beta testing for your app

Another ways to make thousands of downloads for my Android Apps on the Google Play Store?

Be Smart and Get More Downloads For Your App To Reach Audience Of 1 Million

Android. There’s no reason to dislike this platform. It is easy to use, customizable and available not on your smartphones or tablets but also on smart TVs and smart wrist watches. With the latest Android update ‘Oreo’ on 21 August 2017, Android programming continues to improve.
So, you have finally built an Android app, and are ready to introduce it to the world? Congratulations. After uploading it to Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you go one step further and share it on your Facebook page. You feel you just hit the jackpot. The next day, you would like to see the number of downloads. You would be surprised to see that only ‘5 downloads’ without any single android app review in the mobile app store… What are you doing wrong?
One million app downloads! That’s where the party starts for the app developers. If you don’t market your app to the specified audience, then it will be lost in the sea of other apps. I have seen a lot of app developers who have spent a large amount to market their product but have failed very badly.

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