How to Make Your Regular Phone Number Act as Your Google Voice Phone Number? [Solved]

Google's done it before for a few select people, but it's not a public or available feature to all users yet.  You have to wait or have some very good connections at Google.

Our way, which goes back to when we were using a non-smartphone, is to have a new contact text me on the Google Voice number. This generates a new number from which you recieve a text message. It works like this.

Your friend (000-123-4567) sends a text to you (999-567-8910). Since the 999 number is a Google Voice number and not your true phone number, Google passes the text along to you using a "messenger number." This number is something like (555-333-4444). So here the events.

  • (000-123-4567) sends an SMS to (999-567-8910)
  • Google Voice receives the message and sends an SMS from (555-333-4444) to your true number
  • You respond to (555-333-4444)
  • Google Voice receives the message and sends an SMS from (999-567-8910) to (000-123-4567) 

And tada! Save that new number that your friend appears to be texting from. You can text it anytime to start a conversation with that friend or call it to have your Google Voice number as the caller ID.

If you have an iPhone –

  • For outgoing calls you're kind of out of luck unless you initiate all calls from the google voice app on your phone. 
  • For incoming calls you could pay your phone company to forward your current number to your GV number.
  • For voicemail follow these instructions
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