How to Manage Google My Business Listings When There Are Two Businesses at the Same Location? [Solved]

The question is a bit vague and can be alluding to a few different things….

In general, Google will allow two listings for the same address under only a couple of circumstances.

The first is when the the two businesses are in different businesses categories. If the two businesses are doing the same thing, then typically Google will not allow both listings to display for the same search criteria even if the businesses are officially registered. If there are two different businesses providing services that are different than each other, then there is no problem as far as Google is concerned.

Another case may occur where two listings for the same address may occur but the service is similar. This would be for a Practice and Practitioner listing. For example, a dentist has their own listing while the dental office has it’s own listing as well.

There are many different possible real world situations and it is impossible to cover them all, but in general, you are looking at these two scenarios.

Another way to manage Google my business listings when there are two businesses at the same location?

As long as you meet basic criteria:

An individual practitioner should create his or her own dedicated page if:

  • He or she operates in a public-facing role. Support staff should not create their own pages.
  • He or she is directly contactable at the verified location during stated hours.

A practitioner should not have multiple pages to cover all of his or her specializations.

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