How to Manually Add Photo Location in Google Photos? [Solved]

Google photos doesn't currently support manually adding locations to photos at the moment. However, you can do it only in Picasa Web albums at the moment.

PS: Google Photos can only add location automatically if you have turned on your location.

You can consider sending a suggestion to the Google Photos team for improvement using this feedback  link as they are being monitored.

Another way to manually add photo location in Google photos?

Here’s How to Add locations to your Google Photos

You can add locations and maps to albums you create. If you share the album, these will be included.

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app .

  2. Sign in to your Google Account.

  3. Open the album.

  4. At the top right, tap More Edit album.

  5. Tap Location .

  6. Decide if you want:Location: The name of one location.

  7. Map: A map showing where you traveled.

  8. All suggested locations: Locations and maps suggested by Google Photos.

  9. Tap Done .

  10. To move a location within the album, tap More Edit album drag it to the photo it belongs tap Done.

Note:- This Article on How to manually add photo location in Google photos is Only Meant to Provide Information.

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