How to Manually Create a Panorama Picture With Uploaded Pictures on Google+? [Solved]

The problem seems to be the metadata of the file you’re uploading. When you say you’re manually creating the panoramas, you are stitching them together by hand? Or uploading files into software manually?

Either way, after you have created the panorama, here are some basic instructions on getting Google to recognize it as a panorama.

Another way to manually create a panorama picture with uploaded pictures on Google+?

It’s possible that the panoramas you created exceed the digital download data file size limits for Google+. To get around this, you can use an editing software to reduce the file size of the image and post it manually. You may have to sacrifice some pixel resolution in your image in order to be able to post it.

Most stock camera apps have a feature that you can create a panoramic photo. If not there are some great camera apps that will have it. I've used my stock and some paid apps that have the panoramic option. Keep in mind when shooting. Hold the camera still and move your hip only....keep the camera steady as there will be some spots it will not be smooth. Go slowly.

Of course there is the other option...take a bunch of pictures of the area you want to be panoramic and use a sticher tool to create the panoramic screen.

My question to you now is what type of phone and computer do you use? Key factors in what you will need to use.

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