How to Move Files From Google Drive to Google Photo Without Download? [Solved]

We have attempted this, and searched for ways to do this. It doesn’t seem to exist. We can’t find a way to move pics directly from Drive to Photos, without downloading and then uploading. Now that Photos has replaced Picasa, Google certainly should fix this issue. There should be a button that says “move all pictures in Drive to Photos”, or some such.

If you are willing to download and upload, it’s relatively easy - if time consuming. Move your old photos from Google Drive to Google Photos to save space

However… Seen another way, it could all just be a matter of labeling. In many ways, ALL your Google storage is just one big storage, and it doesn’t matter a lot “where” a particular file is. For example, if you go to Drive and copy the filename for a particular picture, then go to Photos and search for that filename - Photos finds it. So the pics are all available…

Another way to move files from Google drive to Google photo without download?

You cannot move them directly, but you can download them, then upload them again, to Photos.

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