How to Much Money Get Per Download on Google Play Store? [Solved]

To answer you what you expect, if typically earn 20-30$ for 30–40K ads impression or 400–500 clicks if you have location permission in your app (Because with location permission, your ad netowrk can target local ads which are highly targeted. Example, Home nearby New York or casino ads nearby las vegas if you are at that city you are more interested)

Now, you need at least 10K active users /day to generate so many ad impressions assuming you show ads at least 2 times. Considering retention rate of 10%, you should have 2–3K daily downloads or might be more to generate 20–30$ revenue.

There is little secret for more revenue and might be hard for many developers to accept specially spammers.

1. You generate more revenue if your app is less engaging. simple, if people like your app functionality then they wont like to click on ads to break the flow. If you are playing your fav. game and then some advertise flash to download dating app, will you click and download, leaving back all the thrill of your game?

Show ad when people are less engaged with your app. Many big companies show ads when user are done with their app or game.

2. Showing Ads at random places, when people know there is ad between 2 screen they are habitat to back press 2 times. Unexpected showcase of ad, brings more attention to user.

3. Fill rate is not much important than eCPM. If you get high eCPM but low fill rate, go for it and have some other ad network to fill the gap or even dont go for it. You earn more by the time and users are happy for no ads!!

Another method to much money get per download on Google Play Store?

Google don't pay you per download, but numbers of downloads increase Your chance to be paid more.

There is 2 ways to make money from apps:

  1. By adding adds to your app, using ads channel like: Admob. You just have to copy and paste your ad code(banner&/interstitial) in your app code. And start making money by showing other adds on your own app, and the more the users click on ads the more money you will earn.
  2. Sell digital products (in app purchase), for example if the app is game , add premium characters to buy, and so.

Note:- This Article on How to much money get per download on Google Play Store is Only Meant to Provide Information.

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