How to New Website Get Their Verified Google Business Listing to Show Up on the Right Side of the Search Results? [Solved]

You can some or all of the following. I would recommend doing all of the following to rank your business as a Knowledge Panel. Keep in mind though that it will only show up for brand name queries.

Use Structured Data (Schema)

Using an organizational schema markup so that all your relevant business data is their in your homepage code for the spiders to sift through and collect.

Verify your Social Media profiles

Verify all your profiles on social media so that it adds another layer of credibility.

Submit your information to Wikidata.

Submit your website details in similar form to a schema markup on Wikidata. Google takes its knowledge panel information from the CIA World Handbook, Wikipedia, and Wikidata, so having your information available there will increase the likelihood of showing up in a knowledge panel.

Google My Business

Add your website to Google My Business and it will enhance the likelihood of showing up for more serp features.

Another ways to new website get their verified Google business listing to show up on the right side of the search results?

Whenever you Google a business, on the left-hand side you see the regular search engine results, which are ranked via Google’s search engine algorithm. On the right hand side, there’s something called a “Knowledge Panel”.

This Knowledge Panel is what we’ll dig into throughout this post. We’ll find out what it consists of (business name, logo, location, social profiles and hours of operation), and talk about how that information got there. And, most importantly, you’ll be able to tell Google what information you want there.

Local SEO

Is this about Local SEO Agency London you ask? Indeed it is!

The business information in the image above is part of the knowledge graph that Google uses to determine the relationships and meanings of various bits of information across the web. Take our Facebook and Twitter business pages for example — How does Google know these pages belong to our company and not a similarly named tire company in Bogota, Colombia? This is where the knowledge graph and structured data come into play.

Why are we doing this? Well, Google is a search engine, not a human. Thus, Google sometimes needs help understanding what the data on your site means.

Structured Data

Structured markup allows Google to recognize data on your site such as locations, phone numbers and business hours, etc.

Despite there being several dozen schema markups that you can implement, I’m only going to discuss organization and local business options as these are in my opinion the most important.

To clarify, the Organization signals that you are a brand, so this is where you need to link your social profiles in the hope they will appear in Google’s Knowledge Panel. In addition to this, if you service a local area you will also want to use the Local Business markup so you will appear for local searches.

If you want to get really fancy, you can go one step further by describing your specific type of Local Business. This can be a Financial Service, Travel Agency, Home Construction Business, or Plumber (such as the example below) to name a few. When creating your own schema markup, take a look at the Local Business categories to see which one best describes your business.

Let’s get started

First we’ll have to create two schema markups: one for ‘Organization’ and another one for ‘Local Business’. We could just use Organization, however, adding Local Business will improve accuracy of the markup as we discussed previously.

As a reminder, Organization can’t be ditched altogether because we will need it to include your social profile / brand links in the markup as your local business markup will not recognize these links.

To make this as easy to follow as possible, I’m going to go through both methods together so you can have a nice block to simply copy and paste into your website once completed.

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