How to Publish a Unity Game on the Google Play Store? [Solved]

Since last year you don't need unity pro license anymore to publish a mobile gaming.

You will need a google developer account, which costs about $25 and you can do it here:

  • Google Play Developer Console
  • And also download Android SDK:
  • Download Android Studio and SDK Tools

Once you have these two things you can create a APK and upload it to the Play Store. If you need more information, just ask :)

Another way to publish a unity game on the Google Play store?

  1. File -> Build Settings -> Player Settings -> Fill our the 5 tabs on the right (This is stuff like icons, fixed landscape or vertical mode, etc but makes sure to fill out Other Settings -> Identification and Publishing Settings)
  2. File -> Build Settings -> Build (Save the apk to a new folder)
  3. Search up the Google Play Developer Console and pay the one time $25 fee to publish an unlimited number of android games to Google Play
  4. Add your game - fill out the details required (icon, screenshot, rating, drag in APK which you saved, etc.) and then when everything is filled, the publish button will highlight at the top of the screen. Click it and viola, you’re done!

Note:- This Article on How to publish a unity game on the Google Play store is Only Meant to Provide Information.

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