How to Publish an Android App Free in the Google Play Store?

Google charges only one time fee of 25 USD to setup a developer account. Once the account is setup you can publish unlimited number of apps in it.

If you really want to publish an app for free, contact some account owner (maybe your friend) and publish under his/her account. But if the app is created by you, you might actually prefer to maintain your identity and so 25 USD in a minimal recommended fee for that :)

Methods to publish an Android app free in the Google Play store?

To publish an app in Google Play store, you need to create an account in Google Play Developer Console which will cost you 25 $ (USD).

The reason behind the fees is to keep out the fake, duplicate accounts and hence keep out unnecessary and worst apps flooding the playstore.

Once you pay the initial fees, you have a fully functional Google Play Developer Account through which you can publish as many apps as you want (free/monetized).

We would recommend you to pay the initial fees because you can easily earn that amount by monetizing your apps or by keeping ads in your app via ad-revenue or admob.

Another Method to publish an Android app free in the Google Play store?

It is free to publish or submit android applications but first you have to have a ‘Developer Account’ on Google Play Store. Creating a ‘Developer Account’ is not free. One has to pay to create a ‘Developer Account’. It costs $25 to create that very account. After creating the account you can publish the more than one application if you need. There are three steps before you begin the publishing. These are-

  • Create a Google Play developer account. (Registration fee $25)
  1. Create a Google Wallet Merchant Center account
  2. Download app’s APK file.

There are eight steps to submit and upload your app. These are-

  1. Login to your Google Play account

  • Click All Applications and then click + Add new application

  • Select your Default language, enter your app Title and click Upload APK

  • Click Upload your first APK to Production

  • Click Browse files, and browse to your .APK file

  • Click the Store Listing tab

  • Enter the following product details

  • Click + Add Screenshots to add screenshots of your app.

All is done! Enjoy.

Note:- This Article on how to publish an Android app free in the Google Play store? is Only Meant to Provide Information.

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