How to Published a Game on Google Play Store?

Firs of all, congratulations on your new app, hope it brings you the permanent success!

There are plenty ways to attract users but I’ll mention the ones I found most attractive, so here they are:

ASO: App store optimization is the one essential thing for getting users. This is the mean that make you findable in app stores. If people can not find you, it is meaningless that you’ve developed an app. So be findable, be attention-grabbing, be unique then people will download you. Here are the main things that you should pay attention while making optimizations:

Social media platforms: Create social media pages and a website of your app. Publish contents on these platforms regularly; use hashtags, content marketing, also user-generated content marketing, share with your users and try to make emotional connection. Give the the opportunity to share your content: This will provide you to create word of mouth.But, be careful on the content you’re sharing, they must be consistent. These platforms are perfect for creating brand image and also they are free, so make us of this advantage.

Use Mobile Advertising Channels: Getting a little help in this crowded mobile marketing landscape will be really advantageous for you. You can distribute your ad to related advertising channels and reach your target customers. You can run different kinds of campaigns according to your budget, also you can use Google’s different ad opportunities some of which are free.

I recommend you to use App Samurai, which is a self-serving mobile advertising platform and best friend of the new apps. By using App Samurai you can create, manage and measure different ad campaigns. Also you can track in-app performance, app store rankings and your competitors’ rankings. By adding third party tools you can find the best optimized plan for you. You can sign-upnow. It is free!

Easy Way to published a game on Google Play Store?

Marketing a new mobile app os important part indeed. Usually, you need to create a marketing plan which will include different marketing instruments. Here we represent main ways how to do it.

1. Be extraordinary, unique, noteworthy. This might seem obvious, but it’s dangerously easy for development teams to fall into ‘group think’ and create something that already exists or is only slightly better than current alternatives in the market. Those are not the apps that get featured.

2. Tell a story. People love a good story behind a product, and apps are no exception. It makes it easier for them to get lost in the world of your app, and even develop an emotional attachment. Developed a game? What’s the background story behind it? It should be entertaining and out of the ordinary (like an epic war between birds and pigs…). Even with non-gaming apps, you need a story – the reason for its creation and the inspiration that made you go for it. Share this story everywhere including your website, in the app’s description page, and as part of your PR efforts.

3. Timing and momentum. The launch of an app is an event designed to get maximum exposure and start momentum. There is a critical mass of exposure you need to reach, so it’s better to synchronize everything together: PR, banners, and blog posts should all appear at once. Simultaneous exposure in various outlets has amplifying effects. The first time you see an article about the app, it’s nice. The second time is meaningful. The third time can make it a hit. If you make it into major outlets, your chances of getting the attention of app market content developers will greatly improve.

4. Website. Again, another major element that I’ve seen many developers overlook. Build a home for your app, a place where you can freely describe why it’s so great without the limitations of the app market description page.

5. Experiment with ASO Optimization. ASO is essentially search engine optimisation(SEO) for App store and Google Play.Similar to SEO, ASO focuses on the relevancy of keywords and the density of keywords in your description.With more than half of total smartphone users finding apps with search queries, it’s one of the most important things you can do to promote your app.

6. Use incentive traffic. Incentive traffic is a great way to give your app a nice boost on the market. It’s usually done through a companies like CPIMobi or WhiteMobi. The everage price for 1 install is $0.09. Bigger download numbers should improve the app ranking in the search results and attract more users, which in the end should increase the ranking position even further, and so on.

Another Method to published a game on Google Play Store?

Follow these steps to attract the users:

  • App Store Optimization: select appropriate keywords and use them to create a short indexable app description. There are many companies that provide such service for free.
  • App reviews: you can buy reviews using services for sponsored reviews as Appsuch, Appsafari, Apptism. You can get reviews for free if ask your friends, relatives, colleagues. etc to write something positive in Google Play Store. It is also important to implement a feature that asks your current loyal users (who use it regularly at least for a week) to evaluate the application.

    The next step is app promotion. Go for these tips:
  • Register on a different android forums or forums where indie developers communicate and post information, screenshots and video, overview the apps. Join and create pages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites to share information and links. Don’t forget to answer your users — be social.
  • Search bloggers with a huge audience related to your app, and pitch them to write free or sponsored app reviews.
  • If you have a budget, you can run Facebook ads or advertising campaigns via mobile ad platforms. Well-targeted CPI-based ad campaigns guarantee you real installs — you don’t waste money on expensive clicks and impressions. 
    You can run your first ad campaign even if you have only $100 and deliver up to 500 downloads to your app. 

Note:- This Article on How to published a game on Google Play Store? is Only Meant to Provide Information.

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