How to Recover or Retrieve Deleted Text Messages From Google Voice? [Solved]

Archive and delete messages or calls This is a link to the answer in Google Voice Help, which is where the answer to most of the questions asked about Google Voice can be found. For some reason known only to themselves, the link to help is hidden. You have to click the gear icon on the right  side of the inbox, then select help .from the dropdown menu.

When you delete messages, voicemails and recordings they go into the trash, after 30 days they are permanently removed. Until then you can recover them, unless you selected delete forever." Those never make it into the Trash and can't be recovered.

If the problem is clutter, archive instead of delete.

This is the last time we'll answer anything that can be found in Google Voice Help.

Another method to retrieve deleted text messages from Google Voice?

Key point here is you deleted them alteady. If you didnt have the emails with the wav files in it, or played them on your PC where the audio file was copied in order to use your systems audio apps, then its gone.

We dont think google will support a recovery unless law enforcement makes the request. They have it, but they just dont make it available to the consumer once deleted.

Try openening a trouble ticket with them, its a long shot.


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