How to Remove a Very Bad Review From My App in the Google Play Store?

TLDR: You cannot remove reviews given to your app.

But that's not a bad thing. 

If your app is actually good, but a few bad reviews are dragging it down compared to competitors, you can promote your app through other channels. 
Provide your comments to those bad reviews in hopes that those users change the review on second thoughts or in case you have fixed your app after reading those reviews.
For spam reviews, you can report them and ask your peers to do the same.
If your app has more bad reviews than good ones, there's naturally high chance that you need to improve your app.

Another way to remove a very bad review from my app in the Google Play Store?

Unfortunately, you can’t remove bad reviews. Bad reviews have very bad impact on an app. People are not willing to download the app which have many bad reviews. But you shouldn’t worry about it. If your app have some bad reviews, even you can’t remove it, you can get more good reviews to make up the bad reviews.

Here we will share some methods which can help increase app reviews.

1. Incentivize Your Users
You can provide free upgrades or in-app present in exchange for a positive review. Give them some free gifts or levels to make them write good reviews for your app.

2. Ask for help
Ask at the suitable time-Prompt users with a request to review your app after they have completed their task or just been awarded, because they are likely in a better mood and likely to give you a positive review.

Ask politely and be clear– You can send a two-parts question like, “do you like this app?” If they choose yes, redirect them to the app store. If they choose no, redirect them to an internal feedback page. By this way, you’ll only receive positive reviews and you can go over negative ones.

3. Keep Communication Open with Users
If you have an official website for your app, you can provide customer support or add a complaint/ feedback area on your site to make your users get in touch with you timely or bring feedback to you.

4. Buy positive reviews
If you did everything above and other things you could, but you still can’t change the negative reviews for your app. At this time, you should consider buying positive app reviews from reliable company. I recommend you Bestreviewapp to cooperate with. They can provide you real reviews from real users. This is the most effective way to get more positive reviews and high ratings. Many developers have chosen use it.

5. Exchange reviews with other developers.

There are many forums can provide this service. You can search in the Google to find this kind of forums. And then exchange reviews with other developers who have the same need with you.

Above are some methods which can help you get more app reviews. If you have any need, you can have a try on it.

Note:- This Article on How to remove a very bad review from my app in the Google Play Store is Only Meant to Provide Information.

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