How to Restore Google Play Store on My Phone? [Solved]

Is intended to know, how to install all the apps that were installed earlier.

The assumed situation arises, when you factory restore your phone or buy a new phone.

To re install all the apps that were installed earlier on Play .. 

Add the same Google account that was used earlier. Open Play, select "My Apps" from menu and select "All" tab ... here you go! You see all the apps that you had installed earlier using the currently logged google id. You may install your apps one by one.. and done !

Or... If you intend to ask.. "I have deleted the Google Play app, how do i install it back?".. then 2 options:

1. Factory reset the phone and you get Play back on place (alert: you will lose all your data)
2. Find the play installer .apk file for your Android version and install it via file explorer.

Did you intend to ask something else ?

Another way to restore Google Play Store on my phone

Well it depends much on situation of your phone now.

If you just disable from settings , you can enable it again.

If you uninstall it then you can install it by taking backup from another mobile and installing it on yours. But this may not work all times.

If you are rooted then you can install by flashing zip from custom recovery.

Note:- This Article on How to restore Google Play Store on my phone is Only Meant to Provide Information.

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