How to Save an Image From Google Maps? [Solved]

You can just take a screenshot.

Or, you can download all the  tiles at a certain zoom level (Google and others use 256x256px image tiles, plus custom overlays for traffic etc.).  In Firefox, if you use Tools/Page Info/Media, you will see a list of all the current tiles. As you pan around, those change. The ones you see listed are already downloaded and already in your browser cache; you can save them from the browser or you could use a custom caching web proxy. (If you just use e.g. wget, google will ban your IP address for a while.) The URLs can be a bit obscure; you can move the tiles around in a drawing editor and assemble them like a jigsaw puzzle, or you can try to understand the URL scheme. It has changed at least once in the last decade. The files in principle use the same kind of naming scheme as OpenStreetMap, Yahoo Maps and others, but while OSM is open-source and documented, Google is not.

Another way to save an image from Google Maps?

Direct downloading is not easy.u can do a tricky part by using a pc

  • 1.Open the image.
  • 2.zoom the image fit to screen
  • 3.take a screen shot by using snip tool ( startmenu type “ snip ” ( available this tool only in windows )
  • 4. Use full screen snip to capture it
  • 5 . Use image editing tool crop edges
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