How to Search for the Best Keyword for My App to Rank It Better on the Google Play Store? [Solved]

Finding the best keywords is highly challenging as you need to take into account multiple elements.

First, you want your keywords to be relevant. The keywords you're going to choose must stick to your app context and concept.

Second, you want your keywords to have a high volume of search. Indeed, the point is that users actually type in these keywords and then find your app. But if you choose keywords that no one will use, you won't drive any downloads.

Third, you want your keywords to have a low competition. This is most likely the hardest part as popular keywords are most likely very competitive.

You therefore need to find the right balance between the Volume and the Competition in order to maximize your chances of being found.

AppTweak ASO Platform can drastically help you here. Indeed, AppTweak's Keyword Tool provide you with insightful data that will help you choose the best keywords for your app.

Not only AppTweak tool provides with exact and real time keyword rankings for any apps of the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store in over 60 countries, the tool also offers Volume and Competition estimations so that you can actually get an idea of the strength of any keywords you want.

What's unique is that you can actually include any competitors you want and check their rankings for the selected keywords.

Here's a snippet of AppTweak Keywords Analysis tool. You can test the platform for free during 7 days.

Another way to search for the best keyword for my app to rank it better on the Google Play Store?

Actually, searching an apt keywords to rank your app in Google Play is not easy for app developers, you have to know what kind of keywords is suitable for your app. There are some useful tips about create app keywords:

  1. Relevance: your app keywords must have be relevant of the features of your app so that the audiences will find your app when they search these words about your app. There are some tips about choosing relevant keywords:
  • Combine with the features of your app
  • Be related to need of targeted users
  • imitate the keywords of your competitors
  • Be relevant to the services that your app provided

2. Reasonable: this means that you don’t have to choose some difficult keywords as your own app resources. If the keywords is more popular and most competitors have picked it, which means that this keyword is difficult to optimize. Therefore, you have to analyzing more information and create some low competition keywords of your app.

3. High traffic: the keywords of high traffic will bring more traffic of your app in returen . You can use some useful keywords tools to analyze the traffic of keywords.

4. increase the volume of keywords: with the limit characters of app keywords that submitted in background, you have to try other methods to increase more keywords to improve the exposure rate of your app. Localized your keywords is an useful method to achieve this goal.

Note:- This Article on How to search for the best keyword for my app to rank it better on the Google Play Store is Only Meant to Provide Information.

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